DX Panel at Datacenter Roof Top

The versatility and modularity of the Active Panels range developed by our partner Weiss Doppelbodensysteme have made it possible to adapt part of the product range for its installation at Datacenter roof top.

In this alternative location, both cooling versions – Chilled Water and Direct Expansion – have been adapted for its performance at top of the room. Specifically for the second case, the DX Panel has been readapted in its design ensuring a great cooling capacity for the entire room.

DX Panel at Roof Top of Datacenter

On this occasion, the DX Panel design has been slightly modifed in order to achieve optimum performance as well as granting a quick and easy installation process.

Small Design Modifications

Altough in its original idea the DX Panel was only conceived for its operation of the raised floor, Weiss Doppelbodensysteme has been able to adapt the machine for its location at top of cabinets. In this case, slight modifications have been necessary.

Indeed, the internal design of the machine has practically maintained the same composition as in its original form. However, in this case the panel has 2 high-performance turbines. The fans are also oriented in such a way that cold air is blown directly into the cabinets.

Values and Figures

The design of the DX Panel on the top of cabinets is available in a 1150 x 800 (Top) – 400mm (Bottom) with a 500mm thickness and a total unit weight of 50kg.

Regarding the performance of the machine, this panel can reach cooling loads of up to 25Kw per unit and allows for an airflow of up to 6.000m3/h. In effect, the properties of the machine allow it to work with an evaporation temperature of 5ºC.

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New Offices at Intam Ergovisual

Jointly with our 3rd anniversary as a company, at Intam Ergovisual we are delighted to announce that we are moving to our new offices.

After 3 years in our previous offices, we are now moving to the heart of our city, Igualada, located right next to Barcelona.

Our new premises in the urban heart of Igualada, Barcelona

Thanks for the Confidence

As part of this process we want to thank all those part of our daily activity helping us to improve as a company and as professionals. To all our clients, our partner, our colleagues, our team and our beloved ones, we want to thank you for your trust.

A special emphasis to our represented parnters. The English manufacturer LundHalsey, leader and reference in technical furniture solutions for Control and Command Centers. Same with our partner Weiss Doppelbodensysteme, German manufacturer specialized in raised floor and cooling systems for Datacenter installations.

Not to forget the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce for showing us their trust and giving us the opportunity to work on the internationalization of Catalan companies.

Quality Equipment and Accessories

Of course, as specialists in technical furniture we have equipped our new offices with quality equipment and materials.

Among these, high-quality ergonomic furniture with heigh adjustable features, as well as ergonomically designed chair for offices, in addition to 34” curved screens. All this improving comfort in the workplace and greater productivity.

Inside view of our offices with height adjustable desks


From now you can find us in our new address Rambla Sant Isidre 36, 1st Floor, in the heart of our locality Igualada (08700), Barcelona, Spain.

Please do not hesitate to reach us for any request of further interest, or visit our website.


(+34) 937 447 251


Control Room Vertical Markets & Applications

Throughout our trajectory taking part in Control Room and Control Center projects we have been able to work closely with professionals from different market sectors. Effectively, each project has its own needs and features according its application.

The type of activity to be performed at site is a key aspect in the room configuration. Thanks to this we have learnt and assimilated a thorough know-how about most common needs in each sector.

Project-Base Approach: Each Project Is Unique

As professionals in the sector, we understand each project as a unique request with its own needs. Likewise those aspects are taken into account to meet the general foundations of a Control Room design.

In the same way at Ergovisual we have worked in a wide range of market sectors where technical furniture solutions are a common requirement.

Security and Monitoring

One of main activity type in which we are present are those installations dedicated to Security and Monitoring purposes. These are working environments with a minimum error margin.

At the same time, it can be essential the need to host equipment devices within the console with private area. For this reason, the technical furniture design contemplates the integration of such devices with an internal dedicated area with limited access.

Lastly, the manufacturing materials are of high-quality standards providing a remarkable robustness and stability for the whole console.

Process Control

This industry is pretty used to technical furniture requirements. Same as per previous case, those installations do not admit the minor error degree.

Another relevant aspect in those sectors refers to fluctant data processing and critical information. Indeed, the complete LundHalsey catalogue is conceived to allow all type screens configuration, thus reaching the best possible human-machine interaction.


Our partner LundHalsey has established as a leader manufacturer in technical furniture solutions for the Broadcast industry. With a global presence, we have worked, and still keep doing so, with top broadcasting companies worldwide.

This way, LundHalsey desks are provided with a dedicated Broadcast product line. This product range counts with the premium e-Type II console, and alternatively, the x-Type version. Its modular design allows clients to adapt future updates in the installation. Up to 100 different accessories are available for its integration.

Air Traffic Control

Installation sites such as Control Towers, Operation Centers or Simulation Rooms at Airports require of high-quality equipment for the correct performance at workplace.

In this occasion, one of the most relevant features is the wide brochure of devices and screens to be integrated at worktop surface. This range goes from radars to control panels, joysticks, touch screens, among many others. Therefore, LundHalsey desks are designed for its integration at worktop surface.

Want to Know More?

Those sectors are just a few of the most usual markets in our daily activity. Further to this, we have been involved in different type of industries for the configuration of Control and Command Centers by meeting their unique requirements.

In case you have any project or wish to have more information, do no hesitate to contact us or visit our website.

Technical Furniture for Control Rooms

Specialized technical furniture is specifically conceived for its location in Control Rooms and Control Centers. Indeed, this refers to working environments with fluctuant information for quick decision-making processes in high pressures scenarios.

According to this premise, operator desks are especifically designed to achieve an optimal workplace.

Understanding the Workstation

The approach towards working places must be done in a comprehensive way, identifying the most important aspects which affect the proper daily activity of the operator. Among many aspects, we want to outline 4 key aspects to conceive an appropriate Control Room console.

Working Area

Just as the title indicates, the working area refers to the regular area where operator carries out its activity. This mainly occupies the working surface closest to human body, as well as those parts where frequently used accessories and equipment are allocated.

Therefore, the main worry concerning the working surface should be to guarantee a free, plan and accessible space for the operator. This way being able to carry out his working performance, or in case of using the equipment devices to access these with no major obstacle.

One last note in this regard refers to the Control Rooms ergonomic standards. These mark that a free area of minimum 750mm dedicated to operator working surface, as well as a minimum 800mm free leg space easing operator’s rotation at workplace.

Display Area

The dedicated space to locate screens and monitors is essential to understand contemporary Control Centers. Among its main characteristics, the most notable is the ease of integrating different types of supports: individual arms, dual arms, totem poles or rails. At the same time, it should also allow for highest flexibility to set screens position.

Another common point concerning screen and monitor concerns has to do with its accessibility. Cable routing for those displays is preferred to be as clean as possible and to be private thus avoiding any human access to it.

Cable Routing

Tables and desks for Control Rooms and Control Centers tend to store a large amount of equipment devices. This involves both all kind active devices such as computers, PDUs, and many others. Cable management must be clean and hidden to avoid connection obstacles while keeping away from any human intervention.

To do this, operator desks have several entry points at console feet, connected to through specific internally cable channels.

Storage Area

In this last point we highlight storage areas dedicated to equipment housing. To allow the correct operation in the room, consoles are provided with dedicated storage areas to house equipment, ranging from CPUs in different formats, KVM trays, rack units, PDUs, among others.

Thus, these devices will be hosted in those specific areas with restricted access to its interior, providing more security to the installation.

HydroLogic Panel at Roof Top of Datacenter

Weiss Doppelbodensysteme product catalogue for Datacenter cooling allows for its perfomance both under the raised floor and at roof top of Datacenter.

Indeed, the HydroLogic Panel is one of the solutions suitable for its installation in both places. In the following lines we take an insight to HydroLogic Panel most remarkable features.

Roof Top Cooling

HydroLogic Panel modular features allow for its suitability in both places. This way, Weiss Doppelbodensysteme cooling units will comply with a larger type of Datacenter installations with different designs.

No Design Modifications

Initially, the HydroLogic Panel was intended solely for its placement on the raised floor. However, in its development process suitable at roof top no design modification was required.

Effectively, the initial Panel design has been maintained, only adapting its orientation: when placed at the ceiling, steel ventilation is faced towards raised floor tiles. Likewise, the rest of the components have not been modified in their design and position.

Suitable for Hot and/or Cold Aisle

Roof Top HydroLogic Panel can be installed in both hot and cold aisles. In the same way as in the case of being located on the raised floor, the performance of the panels is homogeneous in both positions.

In this way, the modularity of the solution allows to locate the cooling sources in the preferable area according to the design and the Datacenter occupation.

Performance and Values

As stated above, HydroLogic Panel at roof top requires no design modification, thus being available in a standard format of 600 x 600mm with a thickness of 350mm and a total weight of 36kg each unit.

Regarding the machine performance, the panel can reach cooling loads up to 10Kw per unit and an air flow of 1.600m3/h. On the other hand, the HydroLogic Panel works via a cold water circuit and is also able to operate in free cooling scenarios. Eventually, this cooling unit allows to work with an inlet water temperature between 12-18ºC.

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For more interest or any further request about HydroLogic Panel and our Active Panel range, do not hesitate to contact us.

You can also access our Ergovisual webiste, as well as our partner Weiss Doppelbodensysteme website.

Key factors to understand Control Rooms

With more than 20 years of experience in the Control Room market, at Ergovisual we have worked in plenty of diverse project for these kind of installations. This grounding enables us to understand the importance of considering several key aspects in the development of Control Rooms.

A Definition for Control Rooms

The type of activity to be carried out in the installation will be decisive in our approach towards the project. However, there exist many more aspects to be taken in consideration for the Control Room configuration.

A general definition that can collect its general significance may refer to those critical installations with sensible information fluxes for quick decision-making processes under pressure scenarios.

Room Distribution

An accurate distribution of the room spaces must consider several aspects, ranging from the number of operators, the type of equipments and accessories to be integrated as well as lightning. Further to this, the type of activity to be carried out will be also important.

On the other side, it is important to identify the tasks and functions of each operator in the room, the degree of interaction between them, as well as the human-technology interaction.

All these aspects must be taken into account from a comprehensive approach with the purpose to reach the best possible distribution.

Decision-Making Processes

A common feature in Control Rooms refers to the fact these are spaces aimed at decision-making processes. Indeed, every sector will be dedicated to a specific professional activity, nevertheless each operator decisions will be affecting the activity operation.

In effect, taking decisions entail the risk of error. For this reason, the design of the Control Room, in its whole extension, must needs to favour the minimisation of human and technologic error in benefit of the activity. This concerns not only the operator, but also the technologic devices.

High Pressure Scenarios

In line with the above, consequences derived from decision-making can involve pressure scenarios.

In face of these situations, the Control Room design should consider an appropriate integration of equipment devices aimed at mitigating the pressure degree of operators. All this in regards to benefits that afford better emotional and physic conditions in decision-making.

Information Processing

A last notable aspect in this kind of installations concerns information and data processing. Permanently, operators receive the feedback of fluctuant information which needs to be quickly understood and processed.

Mostly, information and data is shared via monitor screens and displays located at working surface near operator or in common videowall schemes. Therefore, it will be crucial to know the type of information applicable for each operator according to its function and, eventually, improve information processing.

In conclusion, there are several and diverse aspects to be considered to achieve best possible working space.

Roof Top Datacenter Cooling

The innovative cooling system via raised floor developed by Weiss Doppelbodensysteme is now enlarged with the Roof Top cooling system at top of corridors.

The modularity of the Active Panel range has allowed the development of this alternative, adapting the panels for its installation in different designs of Datacenter installations, while guaranteeing the best possible air conditioning in the room.

Roof Top Datacenter Cooling

The alternative of the Roof Top Datacenter is targeted at those installations whose design does not facilitate the location of the regular range of Active Panels. Cases such as raised floors of lower heights than necessary, collapsed plenum chambers due to cable traffic, or the very inexistence of this area.

In order to adapt to these scenarios, the manufacturer Weiss Doppelbodensysteme has worked on the development of Active Panels for their location at Roof Top of corridors. For this reason, below we want to show several of the most interesting points that this alternative offers for the air conditioning of the Datacenter.