Active Panels: Retrofit Solution

Active Panel features allow their application in the Datacenter as a Retrofit solution. Thanks to their modular design, easy installation and quick access without major obstacles, enable the installation to be updated without great affectations.

e-Type II at a Glance

e-Type II console is part of our patner’s catalog for Control Room solutions. In this case, it is a solution with a touch of nostalgia. In effect, the first work done by LundHalsey was the manufacturing of some consoles for a Broadcast studio in the UK. LundHalsey has not left behind its presence in the sector, instead, becoming the reference manufacturer of Broadcast technical furniture. As a result: the development of the e-Type II serie.

Visionline at a Glance

The most recent addition to LundHalsey catalogue refers to the Visionline Console. This new product line fits new trends in the Control Room and Control Centers industry, marked by the integration of remote equipment.

Kontrol Command at a Glance

Among the catalogue of technical furniture solutions from our partner LundHalsey can be found the Kontrol Command. This is the premium console range aimed for its application at a wide range of vertical markets.