Active Panels: Retrofit Solution

Active Panel features allow their application in the Datacenter as a Retrofit solution. Thanks to their modular design, easy installation and quick access without major obstacles, enable the installation to be updated without great affectations.

Frequently, the density of servers in the different areas of the Datacenter can vary. In line, also affecting the necessary loads of the air conditioning equipment, trying to achieve maximum efficiency in its performance.

Adaptation to Datacenter Design

The design of the room can vary considerably in each Datacenter. In many cases, this design includes the existence of raised floor or a free roof top area. These spaces may be dedicated to equipment housing for a proper functioning and operation of the room.

Thus, many times, it is the architecture of the room itself what determines one type or another of solution.

Against this, and unlike other conventional systems, Active Panel modularity allows it to be installed in different parts of the room: in accordance with its original notion, either on the technical floor, as well as on the upper ceiling.

Act Locally

The density of servers within the Datacenter may vary. For this reason, the need for cold air loads may also vary depending on the area.

In the event of a lack of cold air flows, such as during high external temperatures, or collapsed raised floors making it difficult for air transit, the Active Panel range makes it possible to optimize such available space. Likewise granting the right operation of the Datacenter.

In Complement with Other Conventional Systems

One of most common Active Panel application as a Retrofit solution refers to the possibility to operate together with other cooling systems.

Datacenters with a high density of equipment may require additional cooling units, such as Active Panels, and thus reinforce the existing installation. Further to this, the available control systems allows the combination of both systems under the same device.

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e-Type II at a Glance

e-Type II console is part of our patner’s catalog for Control Room solutions. In this case, it is a solution with a touch of nostalgia. In effect, the first work done by LundHalsey was the manufacturing of some consoles for a Broadcast studio in the UK.

From there onwards, a constant progress and evolution of the company growth has been made. Likewise LundHalsey has not left behind its presence in the sector, instead, becoming the reference manufacturer of Broadcast technical furniture. As a result: the development of the e-Type II serie.

Exclusive Broadcast Product Line

Indeed, the e-Type II has established as Lund Halsey premium product range for Broadcast installations. Jointly, the gathered experience at Ergovisual in a professional level has allowed us to acquire a wide knowledge of the needs of this sector, adapting to the requirements and contemporary technology.

Thanks to this, the design of the console is prepared for the integration of most common equipment in Control Rooms and TV & Radio Studios. All this while ensuring operator comfort at workplace.

Modular Design & Ergonomics

The e-Type II console is made up of independent 19” bays. This modularity allows for a flexible customization of the consoles, in accordance to the number of operators, equipment devices to be integrated, screens, etc. Furthermore, its 19” format allows the fitting of standard rack units.

On the other hand, the design takes into account ergonomic regulations for operator performance. Indeed, these are job positions that require maximum concentration and quick dcision-making processes. Therefore, available free space for the working area and leg space comply with ergonomic standards.

Equipment Devices Integration

Requirements for Broadcast facilities can be very specific. Indeed, the type of equipment for the usual activity in the sector is pretty wide, ranging from screens and monitors in different size and format, to control panels, touch screens, rack units, and many others, close to working area.

In this regard, there is a very common type of accessory in the industry. These are the movable panels. These compartments are available in different rack sizes to house all kind of technology inside it. For this reason, the e-Type II allows for the integration of 19” mobile pod compartments. In the event of any update of the room, pods location can be modified without major effects.

Cable Routing and Storage Area

Another common requirement has to do with the internal space for the housing of equipment devices. Along the console structure, the e-Type II is provided with an up to 4U internal area for housing. Also, the structure is built in with specific cable ducts for cable management.

As shown in the image above, access to storage area is easy both from the rear and the front. Also, in the upper part and, in a hidden way, cable ducts are located throughout the entire structure of the console. In the same way, acess to its interior is possible with a mobile panel on the work surface.

Height Adjustable

Lastly, it is worth mentioning the availability of e-Type II height adjustable version. Its name is e-Type II Air, provided with a lifting capacity of up to 250kgs at the mercy of 4 automatic actuactors, located in each of the side panels.

Also, in case of lifting, cable routing is done in a protected way through flexible chains connecting entry points to power sources located on the work surface.

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Visionline at a Glance

The most recent addition to LundHalsey catalogue refers to the Visionline Console. This new product line fits new trends in the Control Room and Control Centers industry, marked by the integration of remote equipment.

Visionline range, just like the rest of LundHalsey brochure, is a 24/7 rated solution for mission critical environments. In addition to this, the console is designed in accordance with ergonomic standards in the industry.

24/7 rated

Thanks to its design features this new console is a 24/7 rated solution. Among these characteristics, the use of manufacturing materials is one of the reasons for this: indeed, worktop surface is built in phenolic laminated, while the structure is made of steel, providing with sufficient stability for the whole width.

Apart from this, console dimensions allow for a working area of up to 710mm, as well as a free leg space of 750mm. Indeed, both cases complying with ergonomic standards.

The internal space of the console is minor in regards to other furniture options available within Lund Halsey catalogue. In this case, storage area is allocated under the work surface as standard version. As alternative, other storage areas can be provided.

Equipment Integration and Hidden Cable Routing

Worktop surface is provided with a specific rear surface for the allocation of screen monitors and support arms. All kind screens available in different format can fit within the console, with the possibility to create custom configurations.

Active devices such as KVMs, Thin Clients, rack frames up to 3U size, among others, can be placed under the work surface thanks to an internal space dedicated for the housing of such equipment with an easy and quick access. Alternatively, cabinets under work surface or bridging cabinets can be built in for to store these devices.

Another key aspect concerning the Visionline refers to cable routing. The console affords for a hidden cable management given entry points at side panels of the console allowing for the cable routing through the entire console via dedicated cable ducts.


This new console allows the use of different frame sizes in accordance with the exact requirement of each project.

In addition to this, in case extra space is required, auxiliar cabinets can be located under worktop surface in different sizes and configurations, including the possibility to host rack frames.

As part of the modular features of the Visionline console, these include the possibility to customise your own Visionline with angled sections or curved shapes. This way adapting to any possible room design or videowall location.

Height Adjustable

Visionline range is also available in height adjustable verison with a lifting range between 660 – 1200mm.

Indeed, current requirements for Control and Command Centers are increasingly demanding this type of functionality, thus meeting ergonomic standards while enhancing operator performance at workplace.

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Kontrol Command at a Glance

Among the catalogue of technical furniture solutions from our partner LundHalsey can be found the Kontrol Command. This is the premium console range aimed for its application at a wide range of vertical markets.

Thanks to its characteristics, the Kontrol Command has been deployed in Control Room and Control Centers worldwide gaining the confidence of all type customers. There are several features that define this console, shown as follow.

Premium Console

Its recognition as a premium version console is based on various aspects. Manufactured in high-quality materials, the worktop surface is made of compact fenolic, avoiding scratches, lighting or liquid leakage. Likewise, the steel structure provides significant robustness and stability through the whole structure.

Indeed, this design allows full operator mobility across the entire console, without any obstacles in between. At the same time, at the rear, the Kontrol Command is provided with an internal space to store equipment devices with an easy access and maintenance.

In addition to this, at worktop surface a dedicated area is devoted to the integration of screen displays and other devices.

Ergonomic Design

One of the relevant aspects for 24/7 work environments has to do with ergonomic regulations. This refers to operator comfort and performance in the workplace. For this reason, furniture is not exempt from its compliance, rather the Kontrol Command is conceived in accordance with the ergonomic standards for Control Rooms and Control Centers.

In line with the above, the operator has a minimum free working area of 710mm. Indeed, this is a free space that facilitates the operator’s work, allowing to interact with the integrated equipment and screens, as connection scokets, touch screens, panels, etc.

In the same way, the console also complies with the ergonomic regulations that set a free leg space of 750mm.

19” Bays and Cable Routing

One of the most relevant features of Kontrol Command console refers to its construction in independent 19” bays. This affords a great modularity and flexibility when creating and customizing designs to each requirement, as well as facilitatin future changes to the console.

These bays are available as standard in 19” allowing the integration of rack units, KVM trays, CPUs, power outlets, among others, in their internal space.

Further to this, thecnical furniture for Control Rooms must take into account the need of cable management. In this sense, side panels of the console allow for cable entry as well as its subsequent management through cable channels inside the console. These routes allow for hidden cable management with an easy access from the top.

Height Adjustable Feature

Eventually, one of most remarkable features refers to the height adjustable feature for the Kontrol Command, or the so called Kontrol Air version.

The regulation of the worktop surface has become a common requirement in many countries, in line with its ergonomic benefits. Thanks to 4 actuators, 2 of each in both side panels allowing for a height adjustable range between 660-1200mm. In addition to this, these lifting columns ensure a 250kgs charge load in its standard version.


The Kontrol Command is a certified console for its installation in critical environments which responds to current requirements of such facilities. Clients all over the world originating from different market vertical trust this solution thanks to its characteristics.

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