Adjustable fixed office

At Ergovisual we can provide office desks suitable for modern working environments, ranging from office premises to call centers, emergency centers or corporate spaces. Our office desks are available in fixed height and height adjustable version with the ability to allocate screens, monitor supports or other communication and audiovisual devices. Improve your productivity and performance at workplace and feel the benefits in terms of mental and physic wellbeing.



Office desk available in fixed height and/or height adjustable version Steel H-shape structure under worktop ensuring stability.

Metal columns with 3 beams lifted by two electric engines. Cable chain for hidden cabling management. CPU holder option.

Available in single and dual operative configuration. Certified and conceived in accordance with EN 527-2:2017.



Born office desk series has an original frame for its application in all kind workspaces. Available in metal & wood finish. Melamine worktop.

U-shape frames and central structure available in metal & wood finish. Reinforcement beam to fix both sides with option of auxiliar frames. Ready to fit all type accessories.



Star office desk is aimed at different workspaces from executive to versatile operative areas. Sliding tops available in melamine, high pressure laminate, phenolic and glass finish. Individual electrification systems and large cable trays. Steel-made frames and reinforcement beam to fix both sides. Cable tray and rising as accessory.

Reception Desk


Delta desk is aimed at reception hall and welcoming zones for your premises. Delta counter has a timeless design thanks to its straight lines. Standard melamine worktop. Basic product line growing horizontally and Plus range with LED lighting and optional counter top.

Office Partition


RB is an innovative office partition system aimed at office workspaces. Our office partitions can divide worklpaces in a flexible and ingenious way.

Available in melamine, acoustic or upholstered finish. Framework ready to integrate all furniture ranges and build areas that simplify people teamwork. Improve business results by taking care of workers in a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere.