Specialized Consoles for Air Traffic Control Furniture

Lund Halsey is a world leading manufacturer for Specialized Furniture solutions in Control Room environments. Thanks to its 24/7 essence, our Product Brochure covers a wide range of vertical markets. One of our niche markets refers to ATM installations. Lund Halsey provides you with specific Air Traffic Control Furniture.

Specific 24/7 ATM Console Solutions

The configuration of ATC Control and Command Centers require of specific demands. Customised designs or specific equipment devices integration are key issues in our projects. We provide you with high-quality console solutions.

Ergonomic Design & High-Quality Materials

Our whole product range is conceived according to highest ergonomic standards for the best operator efectiveness at workplace. Therefore, our designs comply with ISO11064 international standards. For this, work surface height reaches ergonomic 735mm standard. Likewise, 750mm depth space dedicates to free leg space, for operator comfort.

Same applies for manufacturing materials. Console structure will be made of steel providing great stability and resistence. For the work surface, HPL (compact fenolic laminate) will cover operator work area, preventing from liquid, roughness presence or solar lighting.

Height Adjustable Consoles

Following current ergonomic requirements, Height Adjustable feature becomes an essential asset for your ATC Tower Control installation.

Our Air Traffic Control Furniture range is provided with Height Adjustable regulation. Thanks to 4 lifting columns: 1 in each side panel, and 2 in middle of console structure, our specialized furniture grants you with full control, resistence and stability.

Achieving a 1250mm height dimensions, our solution enables you to reach a 250KG of lifting capacity.

Equipment Storage & Cable Management

Console internal space grants you with a great storage capability. Each independent module bay can store 19” equipment devices with a maximum 10U rack height. Such compartment counts with easy rear and front access via removable panels. In effect, KVMs trays, CPU units, PDU units and further equipment will be accomodated within storage space.

Our ATM Consoles design consider the need of cable routing. Specific cable management routing cover whole console length, with differentiated paths as per each cable type.

Side panels also count with cable entries on its level feet. Additional technical cabinets may be provided with cable entries on its feet.

Monitor Integration & Work Surface Equipment

Monitor arms locate in the rear surface of the console, at a 660mm height from floor. Our specialized furniture can host different sizes screens. Ranging from single and dual monitor arms to specific rail and totems, each adjusting to your specific screen configuration and sizing.

Specifically for Air Traffic Control projects, equipment devices allocate right on work surface. Leaning pod compartments with different rack unit sizing accomodate near operator work area.

Additional and custom equipment devices can be placed on operator work area as well. Especially regarding VCS screens, which will be via fixed supports. This also refers to Radio Devices for communication systems, headphones allocation, phone devices, emergency buttons, additional screens, among many others.