call center

The call centre is a critical space in any organisation to serve its customers personally, either in an emergency management center (furniture for emergency centers) or a commercial company providing after-sale support services, customer attention or part of a telecom call centre.

The selection of furniture specially designed for call centers is a crucial aspect to ensure the correct functioning and performance of the room It is essential to have furniture adapted to the operation of the Call Center, which takes into account cable management, operator interaction with technology, the ergonomics of the workstation and, especially, the aspect of acoustic insulation of the workstation. with the aim of attending calls in an orderly manner and without losing detail.

Call Center


The available catalog of specific Call Center furniture includes a wide range of solutions in standard version in accordance with the needs and requirements of this type of environment.

A functional design of the desks and modules makes it possible to optimize the free space at desk, normally treating compressed areas intended for telephones, screens and keyboards.

In this way, the operator counts with a dedicated workspace for their activities and tasks along with interaction with team members. Our furniture desks aimed at emergency centers and call center installations can be configured in different formats, from individual posts to multi-operator configurations.

Check our list of Call Center tables in standard format, available in different material finishes and qualities, and optimize the available resources at work environment.

Call Center


Our added value lies in our ability to adapt standard solutions to create unique furniture aimed at emergency centers, telemarketing and call centres.

In addition to our standard cast of products, we offer a wide selection of furniture and tables for Call Center. Furniture is conceived under ergonomics and functionality criteria, whose modules and desks allow the integration of equipment and technology in the work surface, as well as at inner space.

This custom product line is provided with internal cable ducts allowing for an efficiently and differentiated cable management for all different type sources while restrciting access, avoiding eventual human manipulation. The available set of desks and tables allow the installation of monitor arms and supports for different screen formats.

This will ensure a clean work area for the installation of screens, telephones, microphones, among other technological equipment. Another key aspect in the design of environments such as emergency centers, call centers, telephone exchanges or customer service offices lies on acoustics.

The inclusion of acoustic panels and partition screens to mitigate noise and sound effects notably improves the acoustics of the room and its effect toward operator performance during the call, avoiding overlapping with colleagues.

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