Datacenter Space Optimization

IT and Datacenter industry is in growing demand; not only in terms of business, but also in other concrete terms. That is especially remarkable when considering the demand of space availability. In effect, Datacenter space optimization has become a major concern for all installations. Then is when Weiss shows up with its Active Panel innovative solution.

Growing Space Concerns

Every day, massive data is produced daily by people and technlogy. To cope with it, infrastructure tends to locate in urban spaces, thus increasing the costs of the installation. Therefore, saving and optimizing available space has become a crucial and necessary step to be taken into consideration.

Raised Floor Overcome Passivity

Traditional raised floors tended to have passive characteristics, by only hosting cable routing and almost being a lost space.

However, Weiss Raised Floor Systems has supplemented completely new functions with the advent of the Active Panels. Given a growing need of space for servers at rack cabinets, Weiss inspires the idea to place cooling units under Raised Floor area.

Solutions for Existing and New Installations

Weiss Active Panel apply both to existing Datacenter and for the planning of new installations. Existing Datacenters may be forced to make full use of their capacity, while new ones will prepare for present and future requirements.

The innovative Active Panel maximizes the use of space exploitation, installing reliable elements with reduced footprint to ensure the operation continuity and maximal space optimization. All this ensuring the highest Datacenter space optimization.

Both Under Raised Floor & At Hot / Cold Corridor Rooftop

As part of the modular capabilities of Weiss solutions, there is the option to install Active Panels both under Raised Floor or at Hot / Cold Corridor rooftop. In effect, this improving site space optimization.

Sometimes, the installation may count with important constraints in terms of space, such as the absence of raised floor. Then, Weiss solutions can also accomodate into an alternative place. Even, with the possibility to locate it at hot or cold corridor, as preferrable.


Industry requirements and its rapid development has shown the unexpected growth and innovation of Datacenter installations. At the same time, meanwhile space costs keep increasing, optimization will be a crucial issue for Datacenter conception.

In-Floor Cooling System for Modular Datacenters

Day after day, the deployment of modular Datacenters installations is becoming more than usual. Industry tendencies point out to those small-size Datacenters as the preferable solution in terms of space optimization. For this, Weiss has developed the innovative In-Floor Cooling System for Modular Datacenters.

Modular Datacenter Challenges

In order to support the IoT evolution and the masse data produced daily by people and technology, modular Datacenter are a critical solution for doing so.

One of the biggest challenges for Edge Installations and small Datacenters is to maximize the use of space for exploitation, installing reliable elements with reduced footprint to ensure the operation continuity and maximal space optimization.

Full Space Optimisation

Therefore, Weiss Doppelbodensysteme Active Panels become a great solution for such spaces. Its location under raised floor enables our customer to take full profit from Datacenter footprint.

Active Panels enable you to dedicate the whole height of the containment to host servers in rack cabinets. Additionally, raised floor area may host cable routing as well.

Datacenter Cooling

At first spot, Datacenter cooling is the main concern for our customers. Therefore, In-Floor Cooling System for Modular Datacenters, developed by Weiss, accomplishes this key process for Datacenters.

Now available, customer can choose whether to operate via cold water system, or via Direct Expasion system. Both systems reach great charge loads ensuring whole cabinet infrastructure cooling.

Its modular construction easies cooling process. By having closed areas, ventilators intake hot air, by next cooling down air in the room, and finally ventilate it to cold corridor. After completion, the whole height of the modular Datacenter is used, creating physical isolated hot and cold corridors.

Modularity & Accessability

In addition to this, Active Panels facilitate the possibility to carry on maintenance tasks given its modular properties.

The maximal optimization of the space is crucial. In effect, one of the big advantages of Weiss solutions is the flexibility to deploy the installation and to carry on Maintenance tasks.

The Active Panels can be removed from its original position at Datacenter and replaced by the technicians in less than one hour. The connection of Active Panels to main distribution is secured by means of flexible pipes. Therefore it is so easy to carry on a basic maintenance service by the own Datacenter staff.

Fast Installation

As stated above, Active Panel installation becomes an easy process. Its modular conception enables you to keep your Datacenter working while maintenance service.

Weiss Doppelbodensysteme Case Studies

Customers worldwide trust in Weiss Doppelbodensysteme manufacturing solutions with the aim to achieve best Datacenter Cooling operation. In effect, we are proud to present you some of our Case Studies in different locations.

The innovative In-Floor Cooling system counts with our partners trust. The unique properties of Active Panel contribute to overcome common difficulties for conventional Cooling systems.

Weiss solutions meet the specific demands of each request. Its applicability for the creation, update or improvement has been proven for Datacenters. Especially regarding Datacenter ventilation and cooling capacities.

Case Study for Datacenter Cooling

The main function from HydroLogic Panel is its air cooling capacity. Regarding this case, Active Panels were located in both corridors: cold and hot aisle. Therefore, it becomes a great reference for its ventilation and aspiration display.

DTU Risø Campus

  • Location: Denmark
  • Partner: DTU University
  • Function: Cooling + Additional Load
  • Activity: Research
  • Installation Site: Supercomputer
  • Charge Load: 20Kw / rack
  • Cold / Hot Aisle: Both

DTU Risø Campus expanded its computing power capacity with 524 servers with 16.768 CPUs.

One of the biggest challenges with server rooms is the cooling, given the high packing density of computers. Thus causing a strongly need for heat removal.

The container hosts 30 racks units, which require cooling in a confined space of 500Kw. Target temperatures were set at 37ºC for the hot aisle, and 22ºC for the cold aisle.

The heat dissipation takes place via an active water-chilled Raised Floor system. Those are located both in cold and hot corridors. Control system is displayed thanks to a custom design by Weiss, enabling its operation jointly with other conventional systems.

Cherkizovo Russia

  • Location: Russia
  • Partner: Cherkizovo
  • Function: Cooling
  • Activity: Process Control
  • Installation Site: Own Datacenter
  • Charge Load: 10Kw / rack
  • Cold / Hot Aisle: Both

Among our Case Studies references, this time our partner was in the need of a specific solution in order to overcome its cooling difficulties.

Given its optimization capacity, Active Panel location under raised floor enabled Datacenter footprint to be dedicated for servers hosting.

In effect, it shows HydroLogic Panel suitability for mid and small sized Datacenters. The conjunction between space saving requirements and cooling demand becomes perfectly complemented.

Modular Datacenter

  • Location: Germany
  • Partner: Weiss Doppelbodensysteme
  • Function: Cooling + Space Saving
  • Activity: Demo Installation
  • Installation Site: Modular Datacenter
  • Charge Load: 10Kw / rack
  • Cold / Hot Aisle: Hot

Current Datacenter requirements have a great need for space optimization. This applies to our Case Studies.

Likewise it exists a steady need to locate such installations in populated areas. That is to say, locations with high space costs. Consequently, Modular Datacenters and Containers turn into a great solution.

Therefore, HydroLogic Panel developed by Weiss becomes a great solution in terms of space optimization, as well as ensuring a great energetic efficiency tool.

In this case, Active Panel locates under Raised Floor by aspiring hot air in the hot aisle. Next, each Panel unit cools down air temperature. Eventually, cooled air is ventilated towards rack cabinets at cold aisle.


Weiss Doppelbodensysteme Product Brochure fits your current demands for Datacenter industry.

Its properties and features convert HydroLogic Panel as the right solution for its deployment and performance in Datacenter. Our product provides you with a wide range of advantages:

  • Datacenter Cooling
  • Additonal charge loads in complement with conventional systems
  • Location at: Cold Aisle / Hot Aisle / BOTH
  • Space Optimization for Mid & Small Size Datacenters
  • Great performance at Modular / Container Datacenter
  • Energy efficiency

Raised Floor Pedestals: Weiss C-Profile Pedestals

Weiss Doppelbodensysteme GmbH origins refer to exclusive Raised Floor tile solutions. Jointly, raised floor pedestals were part of our partner scope. Thus, providing a wide range of solutions regarding all kind tile supports, such as C-Profile Pedestals.

In effect, our those Pedestals become crucial for the rapid installation of your Raised Floor. At the same time we provide you with high-resistance solutions.

All about C-Profile Pedestals

C-profile Raised Floor pedestals are deployed in technical rooms as servers rooms, electric rooms or areas with high load densities.

Pedestals Operation

The basement consists of steel-made pedestals with exact height adjustable option. It is on top of pedestals where C-profile locate, which are screwed to pedestal basement thanks to hammer head screws.

In effect, thanks to C-type profile, different height levels pedestals (ex: 40mm and 80mm) match each other. Thus, originating a frame for equipment devices such as rack cabinets or cooling units.

C-Type Profile Properties

Steel basements made of high resistance steel to corrosion with height adjustable feature.

When screwing, the installation can adapt, increase or disassemble in case of need. In fact, those C-profile pedestals do not need to be weld. Therefore, a rapid installation process becomes a great advantage for your Datacenter.

The construction will remain stable both horizontally and vertically, even with an opened raised floor. Rack cabinets below area can remain opened, optimizing air or cable routing access.

Regarding future additional updates, during initial installation, back up fields can be built. By provisionally closing them with raised floor tiles.

Optionally, our customer may choose thicker pedestals. Those reaching extrem charge loads up to 20kN.

C-Profile Pedestals Type

Customer Experience

Many customers trust our C-type Pedestals solution for their technical rooms. Provide your installation with full security, stability and resistance. Update and renew your Datacenter. Option for free full cable access under raised floor.

Raised Floor Panel: Calcium Sulfat Panels

Weiss Doppelbodensysteme has a wide experience as Raised Floor solutions provider. Born in 1975, our partner is a specialised manufacturer for Raised Floor Panel, long before introducing its Product range for Cooling Datacenter solutions.

Since its creation, Weiss established as one of the most reliable raised floor manufacturer. A growing demand for dedicated solutions in technical installations, motivated our continuous product development.

In effect, market tendencies demand of innovating solutions according to new installations requirements. Therefore, we count with Calcium Sulfat Panels, one of our high-quality Raised Floor Panel for technical floor solutions.

Calcium Sulfat Panel

Among our Raised Floor Panel brochure, we delve into Calcium Sulfat Panels features.

Those panels are made of calciumsulphate natural material. Also known as gypsum, it is mined in open cast mines. Its core materials are gypsum, water and paper fibers. Thus, providing zero emissions in room space.

Under its 600mm x 600mm format, Panels can easily accomodate to your room space. Even more, if considering our Active Panels range. Additionally, its installation with Type C profiles will contribute with both highest security and functionality.


Raised Floor Panel made of calciumsulphate have extremely high densities and are extrimely rigid. This empowering its deployment in technical environments such as offices, control rooms, Datacenters or tunnel supply systems.

Thanks to its materials, its charge load, its fire resistance and its soundproofing capabilities are exceptional. Furthermore, it grants you with highest flexibility and become the most versatile product range in our portfolio.

At the same time, Calcium Sulfat Panels achieve a load capacity from 1kN to 20kN. Also, as per our customer requirement, we may provide you with custom Panels thickness, ranging from 16mm to 42mm.

Lastly, Calciumsulfat Panels are made of gypsum, material which is applicable with almost every type of covering.

Values and Figures


  • Dimensions: 600mm x 600mm
  • Thickness: 16mm to 42mm
  • Topside: Aluminium foil, steel sheet, PVC, Lino, rubber, parquet, laminate, stone, carpet
  • Bottomside: Aluminium foil, steel sheet
  • System Weight: 40-90 kg / m2
  • Material: Calciumsulfate


  • Typ BS M 16 FFH to: 440mm
  • Typ CS M 20 (24×2) FFH to: 1450mm
  • Typ DS M 20 (26×3) FFH to: 2000mm

Load Bearing Capacity

  • Point Load:1kN to 10kN
  • Ultimate Load: 1 – 6
  • According to DIN EN 12825: 2kN to 20kN

Fire Protection

  • Building Material Class: EN 13501-1 B-S2, D0
  • Fire Resistance Class: EN 1366 bis REI 30
Noise reduction according to DIN EN 10848
Ln,f,wDn,f,w in dBΔLw in dB (Tritt-)R’w in dB
TopsideCarpet (18dB)40672159

Direct Expansion Panel: In-Floor Cooling for Datacenter

Following our partner Weiss Doppelbodensysteme long time expertise in the IT & Datacenter industries, we present you the Direct Expansion Panel.

Just like our whole Product Brochure, this most recent launching remains loyal to the innovative In-Floor Cooling System for Datacenter installations. DX version Active Panel is located under raised floor. Thus, optimizing Datacenter footprint space.

This time, our solution operates via a DX circuit, rather than previous cold water circuits.


Each Panel consists of 1200mm x 600mm x 550mm dimensions. Equipped with four EC fans and DX heat exchangers units with a free cross section of 44% surface.

Direct Expansion Panels will be located under raised floor and placed in front of each rack cabinets line. The tile can be configurated in both options: as aspiration mode in hot aisle and/or ventilation mode in cold aisle. This easing air direction according to your installation specific needs.

Active Panel is in charge of air cooling thanks to cooling agent. Thus, it enables to work with low degree temperatures. Built in humidifiers and condense water discharges are key for precision airconditioning in your Datacenter.

In addition, EC fan turbines are in charge of air flow ventilation. By directing cooled air to rack cabinets located at cold aisle. In fact, each panel unit will achieve 6.000m3/h air flow value.

Regarding control devices. Fans automatically react to temperature changes in rack cabinets. In effect, the reduction or increase of desired airflow can be established based on two different values. Whether by temperature values or according to air pressure values. This will be previously configurated before shipment.

DX HydroLogic Panel Properties

Direct Expansion Panel may reach charge loads up to 30Kw per unit. Designed to perform via cooling agent, the panel reaches a 5ºC evaporation temperature. Therefore, the presence of humidifiers and condensate processes.

The Panel requires of a 550mm minimum installation height. However, its location guarantees a great space optimization since Datacenter footprint completely devotes to servers hosting at 19” rack cabinets. Further to this, it offers a notably modular capacity for future updates. Moreover, in case of raised floor reparation, DX-Box panel keeps operating with no major affectation.

Control settings for air flow ventilation. As stated above, air flow can be regulated according to temperature values or, alternatively, by air pressure values. Its adjustment must be established previous installation. In effect, such setting grants you with full air flow control for each cabinet line.

Control setting systems for Active Panels offer several options. It grants the possibility for remote control, snmp integration, Bacnet, among other options.

Values & Figures


  • Dimensions: 1200mm x 600mmx 550mm
  • Height: 535mm
  • Finish: PVC, HPL, rubber
  • Weight: 80kg
  • Material: Powder-coated Steel
  • Free surface: 44%
  • Resistance to ground: < 10⁸ Ohm (Depends on coverings)

Charge Loads:

  • Concentrated load: 5kN
  • Ultimate load: >6kN
  • Height: 600mm – 2000mm


  • Cooling Capacity: Up to 30Kw/unit
  • Energy Consumption: 720 W
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Air Flow: 6.000m3/h
  • Humidifier: Integrated
  • Condensates management: Integrated
  • Evaporation temperature: 5ºC

HydroLogic V Panel: In-Floor Cooling System for Datacenter

Long time experience in the IT industry, interacting with all kinds of air conditioning technologies, has led Weiss Doppelbodensysteme GmbH to develop a unique and differential solution for In-floor Datacenter cooling.

By installing Active Panels under raised floor, the entire room overcomes most common difficulties of conventional systems for Datacenter cooling.

This is how the HydroLogic V Panel was born. The 600mmx1200mm tile is located under the raised floor. Thus, optimizing Datacenter footprint space. Likewise, HydroLogic V Panel is in charge of Datacenter cooling thanks to its cold water circuit or, alternatively via Direct Expansion (DX).


Each panel consists of two heat exchangers and four EC fans with a free cross section of 44% surface. The tile can be configured both aspiration function in the hot aisle and / or ventilation mode in the cold aisle.

Active Panels, located under raised floor and placed in front of rack cabinets line, are connected to the main distribution points of the system. Inlet water allows both heat exchangers to cool down air temperature originating in the hot aisle. Following, fans conduct the cooled air back to the cold aisle. Innovative and unique In-floor Datacenter cooling system.

Two different A&B circuits can be installed in order to achieve local redundancy. Active Panels act local for a given area in case there is a lack of or insufficient air flow. Also, it is possible to grow on demand by installating more Active Panels in the corridor, at the exact point where Datacenter may require it.

Two circuit line installation providing great modularity and easing grow on demand

Fans automatically react to temperature changes in rack cabinets. In effect, the reduction or increase of desired airflow can be established based on 2 values. Whether by temperature values or according to air pressure values. This will be previously configurated before shipment.

HydroLogic V Panel Properties

Active Panel tile with 600mmx1200mm format may reach charge loads of up to 40Kw. Designed to perform under 12ºC temperature for inlet water. With a specific V-shaped design to handle possible condensation. Thanks to a lower condensation gravitational control tray, and an optional condensate pump. HydroLogic V Panel incorporates 4 EC turbines with a cooling capacity of up to 40Kw and a maximum consumption of 720w.

Following Weiss Doppelbodensysteme range of Active Panels, our solution has a remarkable modularity capacity for future installation renovations. Notably, such tile provides a great space optimization: Datacenter footprint is entirely devoted to servers hosting in 19” rack cabinets.

Custom settings for air flow control: HydroLogic V Panel can regulate its air flow according to temperature values or by air pressure values. Its adjustment must be defined previous to installation. Such setting grants full air flow control according to corridor needs. Therefore, air flow will be regulated for each area as required. Likewise, regarding external effects such as temperature changes, its effects on Datacenter installation will be reduced.

Control setting systems for Active Panels offer several options. It grants the possibility for remote control, snmp integration, Bacnet, among other options.

3D Rendering for HydroLogic V Panel showing piece per piece

Values & Figures


  • Dimensions: 600mm x 1200mm
  • Thickness: 535mm
  • Topside Material: PVC, HPL, rubber
  • Weight: 80kg
  • Material: Powder-coated Steel
  • Free air outlet: 44%
  • Resistance to ground: < 10⁸ Ohm (Depends on coverings)

Charge Loads:

  • Point load: 3kN
  • Ultimate load: 6kN
  • Height: 600-2000mm


  • Cooling capacity: 40kW
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Power consumption: 720 W
  • Inlet water: 12ºC – 18ºC
  • Water volume: 5,5 m³/h
  • Air supply server temperature: 21°C – 30°C
  • Maximum pressure: 16bar
  • Pressure los: 1 bar max
  • Cooling medium: Water or glycole water mix
HydroLogic V Panel show in real Expo

Hydrologic Panel: In-Floor Cooling System

The soaring demand for data services is challenging many hosters and data center operators to ensure the economic operation of their data centers, especially at high packing densities per rack. Therefore, Weiss Doppelbodensysteme has developed an innovative In-Floor Cooling system for your Datacenter Cooling.

Weiss Doppelbodensysteme GmbH now bears this challenge with the development of the system HydroLogic Panel.

Hydrologic Panel properties

The respective elements are designed for the size 600 x 600 mm and thus fit exactly into the existing pitch of the raised floor in the data center. Special sizes can be realized on customer request.

At a water supply temperature of 12°C and a discharge temperature of 18°C, a heat dissipation of 10 kW per plate is achieved.

HydroLogic Panels can be placed in front and behind the rack for maximum heat dissipation up to 20 kW per rack.

Airflow is homogenously spread all over the rack column providing the proper air demand for each of the server installed.

HydroLogic Panel 3D rendering example


In this In-Floor Cooling system, water is used as a medium for heat dissipation. Water is channeled through the raised floor in the cold and hot aisle.

High-performance fans ensure the demand-oriented air flow, by sucking in the air from the hot aisle and blow it out in the cold aisle, in each case through the heat exchanger.


  • Voltage: 230V
  • Power Consumption: 140W
  • Inlet Water Temperature: 12ºC-18ºC
  • Water Volume: 1,43m3/h
  • Air Supply temperature: 21ºC/30ºC
  • Maximum Pressure: 10bar
  • Pressure lose: 1 bar maximum
  • Cooling media: Water or glycole-water mix

Installation rendering example

Datacenter Cooling by Weiss Doppelbodensysteme GmbH

Datacenter Cooling is a key factor for the right operationality of our installation. Market offers few solutions for Datacenter Cooling. All of them with the aim to conditioning the room and achieving high energy efficiency.

Same occurs with Weiss Doppelbodensysteme. Under its German manufacturer status, Weiss has developed a pioneer and alternative solution further from current solutions.

In this system water is used as a medium for heat dissipation. Water is channeled through the raised floor in the cold and hot aisle. Built-in high-performance fans ensure demand-oriented airflow.

This innovation solution grants the best of two different cooling methods widely implemented worldwide. In-Floor cooling could be considered as Hybrid cooling solution between traditional perimetral cooling and the in-row cooling solutions.

In-Floor cooling active panels located at raised floor ensure and even distribution of cold air across the entire Datacenter, using the plenum chamber to boost cold air. This is same concept as perimetral cooling but without sacrifying space in the room and without a maintenance corridor.

The implementation of In-Floor cooling active panels across the entire Datacenter we achieve a true and reliable “local redundancy”.

Current market tendencies boost the creation of Edge, Modular and Medium and Small size Datacenters. Therefore, one of the biggest challenges for such installations is to maximize the use of space for exploitation. By installing reliable elements as Hydrologic Panel, with reduced footprint to ensure the operation and space optimization, you will be provided with high-quality solution.

Datacenter most demanded features focus on energy efficiency. Additionally, edge computing installation cases are increasing. Therefore, Weiss becomes the right solution regarding efficiency and space saving concerns. Hydrologic Panel offers you plenty of great advantages.

  • Homogeneous air distribution all over rack height
  • Cooling source nearby heating points
  • Tiles modularity
  • Energy efficiency
  • 10KW capacity per rack
  • Exploitation of free raised floor space
Weiss Doppelbodensysteme GmbH founded in 1975. Specialised in Datacenter Cooling systems.

Jet Panel – Retrofit solution to improve Datacenter ventilation

Our German partner Weiss Doppelbodensysteme counts with a wide range of solutions for Datacenter cooling.

Jet Panel shows itself as a retrofit Datacenter solution. It greatly applies to those installaions which may find obstructions in the plenum room regarding cable issues, among other equipment. Specifically designed for Datacenter ventilation.

Datacenters racks are always susceptible to changing termal loads. Even more when considering high temperature contexts, as cases of heating environments or installations with isolation shortfall.

Such obstructions can produce defects on the air supply towards servers, this being able to occasionate high costs, or even an overheating, leading to the server failure.

Jet Panel consists of a plug and play solution which contributes to improve your cold air distribution within plenum room. Easy to install in any part of the Datacenter. The perfect solution to tackle specific areas of your Datacenter suffering of air undersupply. Jet Panel enables you to conduct cold airflow on demand.

Jet Panel regulates the EC turbine speed via an electronic control device. This can manage unit groups in the same room.

Automatic control devices mechanisms can be established depending on temperature difference, or by air pressure difference within plenum room.

X Version

Jet Panel X Version provides you with the following features for Datacenter cooling:

  • Airflow supply up to 2.700m3/h
  • Dimensions: 600mm x 600mm
  • 250mm thickness
  • Manufacture materials covered in powder coated steel
  • Weight: 26kg
  • Punctual charges up to 3kN
  • High performance EC ventilation turbine
  • Minimum installation height: 350mm

XL Version

Jet Panel XL Version provides you with the following features for Datacenter cooling:

  • Airflow supply up to 4.000m3/h
  • Dimensions: 600mm x 600mm
  • Manufacture materaisl covered in poder coated steel
  • High performance EC ventilation turbine
  • Minimum installation height: 350mm
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