Lund Halsey is a leading manufacturer of room consoles and control centers for 24/7 operation. We accompany our clients with a free custom design service, 3D rendering from a manufacturer with its own facilities with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.
After more than 4 decades in the control center market, LundHalsey is present on a global scale with references in companies of different profiles and sectors. It does so in cooperation with large system integrators in aviation, process control and the energy sector, engineering or the broadcast world, as well as integrator companies specializing in their market, in addition to many end clients looking for the best furniture solution. in its critical facilities.
Discover the advantages and properties of our solutions to achieve maximum performance, comfort and concentration of the operator in his workplace.


We have extensive experience in designing furniture for rooms and control centers in security environments. With a robust design, the different console models available favor the operator’s concentration, achieving a permanent state of alert for a quick and effective response in the event of an emergency.


The aviation and air navigation sector is one of the iconic markets of our partner LundHalsey. LundHalsey technical furniture is designed for use and performance in air traffic management tasks. These are mission-critical environments under high-pressure scenarios. The ergonomic design maximizes operator comfort, contributing to a permanent state of alertness for the operator.


Our track record includes a wide selection of references in the design of control and supervision centers dedicated to process control. The exploitation, as well as the control of industrial environments, energy installations, mining, solar, etc. requires resistant furniture that can accommodate the equipment necessary for the management of these mission-critical environments.


LundHalsey is the leader and world reference in technical furniture for the broadcast and audiovisual industry. We have an exclusive catalog for the broadcast market that takes into account the needs and peculiarities of the sector. Designed for the integration of screens, speakers, keypads, audio equipment, keyboards, and much more. Discover why global media outlets work with LundHalsey


The efficient management of urban networks is one of the challenges that today’s societies must face. The control of urban traffic, the management of key infrastructures or the supervision of transportation networks and more key positions is key to our daily lives. 24/7 environments that also require ergonomic technical furniture for the benefit of the operator.


Lund Halsey · Ergovisual

The new Kontrol Plus is inspired by the Kontrol Command version, incorporating innovative aesthetic and functional details that offer greater operator operability.

The ergonomic design of the console contributes to optimal user performance and a notable improvement in comfort in the workplace.

Kontrol Plus web
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Lund Halsey · Ergovisual

Manufactured in the United Kingdom and combining ergonomic and functional design, the Kontrol Command series range offers unrivaled flexibility for Command and Control Rooms.

With a modular design and using a system of metal bays, the Kontrol Command is easy to install and can accommodate a wide variety of accessories.

Kontrol Plus web
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Lund Halsey · Ergovisual

The Kontrol Air console is a height-adjustable console that offers a great balance between operator comfort and the integration of equipment in a professional control room console.

With its modular design, and the 4 electronic actuators, it can lift up to 250 Kg. The 660mm to 1200mm adjustment offers a great user experience, being able to adapt the workplace to any operator.

Kontrol AIR
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Lund Halsey · Ergovisual

Having developed and evolved from over 30 years of experience in the broadcast industry, the e-TYPE II is an innovative modular broadcast console.

The innovative, easy-to-install modular design allows for customization and reconfiguration as your studio develops and expands.

The e-TYPE II can accommodate a wide range of accessories that provide both an aesthetically appealing finish with maximum functionality.

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Lund Halsey · Ergovisual

Also available in a height-adjustable version, the e-Type II Air Plus responds to the needs of the broadcast industry, with a load capacity of up to 250kgs.

Efficient and orderly cable management from entry points to connection points, ample equipment storage space, as well as the modular design of Lund Halsey solutions.

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Lund Halsey · Ergovisual

The new range of VISIONLINE consoles offers unrivaled flexibility for command and control rooms.

Provide an efficient and ergonomic workspace that meets the human factors requirements established in ISO11064.

Visionline Air Console
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Lund Halsey · Ergovisual

The Visionline version is also available in a height-adjustable version, offering greater comfort to the operator benefiting from the variation in the working position.

With the same design as the fixed version, the Visionline Air also takes care of cable management using flexible chains.

Visionline Air Console
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Lund Halsey · Ergovisual

The x-Type line focuses on broadcast and audiovisual environments and is available in a fixed height version, as well as an adjustable height version.

Designed for broadcast rooms, the work surface has a technical space for the location of mobile panels in 19” format to house equipment inside. Available in height adjustable version.

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The x-Type Air is the height-adjustable console within the x-Type series.

In the same way as the model of the same name fixed in height, the work surface enables the location of mobile panels in 19” format to house the equipment necessary for the operator’s use.

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