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The Technical Furniture Specialists

At Ergovisual we provide added-value solutions of furniture, with 360º approach for Control rooms and modern workspaces, becoming the unique partner for professional and technical furniture.

We focus our activity on Control Room and Corporate furniture solutions with the aim to improve comfort, efficiency and results at workplace that could help to boost user performance.


At Ergovisual we support our partners through the entire cycle of their project, from concept to reality. 

With more than 20 years of experience working worldwide  with our local partners, we strive to ensure the quality and the after sales support  for the entire life of the installations. 

As Control room furniture specialists, we offer dedicated solutions for each vertical market. The crossed experience in different sectors is a key aspect of our success and a warranty for our partners.

Since 2018 we are Lund Halsey Official Sales Agent, the European leading manufacturer of technical furniture for control rooms. Lund Halsey is Quality and Environment ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified.

Our Control Room Solutions include:

Air Traffic Control  ATC consoles, ATM consoles, TWR consoles

Security & Surveillance consoles for Command Centers

Broadcast Consoles for Tv studios, Master Control room, Edit rooms, Radio broadcast consoles, studio consoles, audio consoles

Process Control consoles  for Oil & Gas, industrial plants, Utilities

Transport Control centers, for road traffic, railway control center, 

NOC Consoles for Network Operation Centers and SOC Consoles for Security Operation Centers

Ergonomic Design of Control Rooms, from conceptual design to full tailored design with ergonomics, visualization, lighting, acoustic, ventilation, security, exploitation…

24/7 Chairs a complete selection of chairs Certified for Task intensive use

Videowall supports and monitor stands from regular videowall stands to complex multiscreen solutions, including decorative cladding and custom solutions.


Modern Offices require technical furniture and smart furniture solutions. At Ergovisual we  deliver unique and specialized furniture for corporate espaces.  Workspaces have evolved, boosting the appearance of hybrid meeting & collaborative spaces.

Collaboration, remote interaction, videoconference solutions, room reservation services are the core of the modern office space. 

Our dedicated furniture solutions for office spaces are designed to perform perfectly with modern technology, cable management and use of large format meda walls. Our own solutions together with our selection of producers allows us to create unique hybrid workspace were meeting and collaborative work is a natural fact. 

Our Corporate Solutions include: 

Meeting room furniture for Board rooms, executive rooms and regular meeting spaces.

Signature furniture for Teams Meeting Rooms, videoconference, remote meetings, zoom rooms

Executive furniture creating sophisticated and exclusive management rooms

Reception areas where the image and value of the company is reflected, it may contain reception desk, counter, media walls, soft seating  

Seating is crutial for the comfort and ergonomics, but also to transmit the image of the company. Executive chairs, Meeting chairs, Task Chairs.

Soft Seating is key for any collaborative workspace, better ideas and conversations are always born in relaxed atmosphere.

Call Center funiture, where people will serve people and not machines. The personal touch is always better on a professional ad acoustic workplace.

Acoustic panels, the use of decorative acoustic panels is a must to increase confort, reduce noise reverberation and acoustically isolate certain areas.

Av furniture Large Monitor stands are key accessories to ensure the perfect integration of technology in modern workspaces and smart offices.

The Technical Furniture Specialists

24/7 control room consoles for mission critical facilities
AV furniture and office furniture for hybrid workspaces