As part of our catalogue aimed at corporate spaces, we also deliver videowall support structures suitable for all type screen format and sizes. This type of technology has become a common element in many corporate spaces, such as offices, meeting rooms or control centers. Especially in mission-critical environments – control rooms and centers, emergency centers, etc. – with uninterrupted activity where information processing is vital for the operation of the facility.

In those scenarios, videowall stands as a key resource in working processes of operator tasks. Therefore, it is essential that site provides best possible display of the screens. From Ergovisual we deliver our customer a wide set of videowall support and system structures to help improve site operations.


Large Screen

As part of our dedicated videowall solutions we count with dedicated structure systems to fit all type screens, regardless size, and format and able to configurate all type schemes and configurations.
Those systems are made up of metal columns allowing the union of horizontal rail guides which enable to fit articulated arms – including large format screens. Videowall structure is available in different versions meeting the exact needs of the requested screen scheme or in accordance with room design. Regarding its finishes, videowall systems can be floor mounted or alternatively are also available in wall mounted system.
Such type of solution allows both straight and curved configurations, as well as the addition of additional screen panels as it may be requested.
Among its properties, the structure provides enough space to enable Access and maintenance without affecting normal operation of the room. Likewise, system built in columns and rails allow hidden cable management from display devices to all source points.



As part of our product scope, we also deliver standalone mount and supports aimed at large format screens and monitors. Indeed, this product line does not only apply for single screen configuration but is also able to hold a dual or even triple screen scheme.

Our catalogue includes several options. Among these, our mounting column allowing for cable management in the inner part together with other accessories as the case of audio and video devices – as loudspeakers or webcams. Besides this, we count with a dedicated AV credenza solution made of one drawer cabinet as storage area with an integrated support mount for screens.

Some of our standalone features include height and width screen adjustability thanks to specific columns and rail systems. Such systems also allow future updates or modifications when adding additional screens or in case of maintenance.

Indeed, our standalone solutions are key for those meeting and collaborative environments, as well as other market sectors such as retailing, AV, security, among others.