Active Panels: Retrofit Solution

Active Panel features allow their application in the Datacenter as a Retrofit solution. Thanks to their modular design, easy installation and quick access without major obstacles, enable the installation to be updated without great affectations.

Frequently, the density of servers in the different areas of the Datacenter can vary. In line, also affecting the necessary loads of the air conditioning equipment, trying to achieve maximum efficiency in its performance.

Adaptation to Datacenter Design

The design of the room can vary considerably in each Datacenter. In many cases, this design includes the existence of raised floor or a free roof top area. These spaces may be dedicated to equipment housing for a proper functioning and operation of the room.

Thus, many times, it is the architecture of the room itself what determines one type or another of solution.

Against this, and unlike other conventional systems, Active Panel modularity allows it to be installed in different parts of the room: in accordance with its original notion, either on the technical floor, as well as on the upper ceiling.

Act Locally

The density of servers within the Datacenter may vary. For this reason, the need for cold air loads may also vary depending on the area.

In the event of a lack of cold air flows, such as during high external temperatures, or collapsed raised floors making it difficult for air transit, the Active Panel range makes it possible to optimize such available space. Likewise granting the right operation of the Datacenter.

In Complement with Other Conventional Systems

One of most common Active Panel application as a Retrofit solution refers to the possibility to operate together with other cooling systems.

Datacenters with a high density of equipment may require additional cooling units, such as Active Panels, and thus reinforce the existing installation. Further to this, the available control systems allows the combination of both systems under the same device.

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