Make the Difference with Specialized Technical Furniture

The specific charatceristics of professional technical furniture make this type of product the right solution for the specific needs of critical working environments.

The specific charatceristics of professional technical furniture make this type of product the right solution for the specific needs of critical working environments.

Indeed, working environments such as Control Rooms and Control Centres have specific needs to guarantee the proper activity at workplace. Thus, there exist several properties of technical furniture which respond to the different requirements in those spaces.

Ergonomic Design

This is one the most relevant aspects for this type of product. In effect, the design of the furniture must contemplate the ISO11064:4 standards concerning the design and configuration of Control Rooms.

This normative establishes the ergonomic standards for the configuration of the workspace, including the work infrastructure. Among its values, a minimum free working area of 900mm deep must be allowed, also a 750mm free leg space or a standard 735mm worktop height.

To be compliant with these ergonomic regulations becomes a must-have differential asset to guarantee the right performance, comfort and ergonomics of the operator at workplace.

Manufactured in High-Quality Materials

Materials used in the manufacture of technical furniture differ from those used in other furniture type.

The use of compact laminate in high-pressure phenolic generally applies to the design of the work surface. Indeed, it is a non-rough material, avoiding any type of roughness in the working area. Likewise the phenolic is a non-porous material, preventing any kind of liquid leakage. Also, another differential aspect is based on the ability to avoid any lightning.

Hidden Cable Routing & Equipment Storage

Cable routing is an important aspect for the safety and protection of the installation. Specialized technical furniture ensures a proper cable management, while preventing any easy access inside. In the same way, the console can provide different cable routing paths as per each cable type.

On the other hand, this type of furniture also allows for the integration of active devices at the interior. Thanks to dedicated storing areas, the various devices will be safely housed close to the workplace, as well as having an easy front and rear access.

Height Adjustable Feature

One last features to be taken into account refers to height adjustable feature. Indeed, one of the contemporary requirements in terms of ergonomics refers to height adjustment of the worktop surface.

This is a differential aspect which provides several advantages in terms of health and well-being, not only in physical terms, but also regarding the emotional aspect of the operator.

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