Active Panel Cooling with conventional systems

The innovative In-Floor cooling system provides remarkable advantages, further to its cooling capacity. Active Panel can operate jointly with conventional cooling systems. That is to say, the Active Panel installation does not exclude the deployment of other conventional systems.

Thus becoming a distinguishing advantage for the Datacenter performance.

Why Working With Other Cooling Systems?

Each installation requires of its distinct cooling strategies. The IT industry evolution and its high demand have a notably effect against Datacenters.

Occasionally, it might be the case of oversized installations given the real use of the infrastructure. Other cases may account for Datacenters with certain difficulties for its performance improvement.

In the face of those scenarios, a resource the adaptability of the available resources is crucial for the benefit of the Datacenter. Against all this, the possibility to deploy a two-way cooling system emerges as a valuable resource.

CRAC Units & Active Panel Units

A reasonable scenary for the combination of two cooling systems includes CRAC units and Active Panel tiles.

The possibility to combine two cooling systems provides you with several advantages. One of this may be the creation of different cooling within Datacenter. This way, by locating the Active Panel in the hot aisle, the In-Floor tiles contribute with an extra cold air into the plenum.

In effect, this installation enables you to differentiate various density areas with different density levels. Low, medium and high density areas.

Control Settings

Another remarkably property of the Active Panels is the diversity of available control systems. Weiss Doppelbodensyteme cooling tiles may regulate by air pressure values, or by temperature values.

On the one hand, this implies that Active Panel may work as per rack cabinet needs. In effect, the highest the temperature, highest cold air flow originating from Active Panels.

On the other hand, another control setting system is by air pressura in plenum. Raised Floor tiles will regulate its own performance in case of lack of cold air. Thus, providing maintenance services for the CRAC units, or as back-up unit.

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