DX Panel at Datacenter Roof Top

The versatility and modularity of the Active Panels range developed by our partner Weiss Doppelbodensysteme have made it possible to adapt part of the product range for its installation at Datacenter roof top.

In this alternative location, both cooling versions – Chilled Water and Direct Expansion – have been adapted for its performance at top of the room. Specifically for the second case, the DX Panel has been readapted in its design ensuring a great cooling capacity for the entire room.

DX Panel at Roof Top of Datacenter

On this occasion, the DX Panel design has been slightly modifed in order to achieve optimum performance as well as granting a quick and easy installation process.

Small Design Modifications

Altough in its original idea the DX Panel was only conceived for its operation of the raised floor, Weiss Doppelbodensysteme has been able to adapt the machine for its location at top of cabinets. In this case, slight modifications have been necessary.

Indeed, the internal design of the machine has practically maintained the same composition as in its original form. However, in this case the panel has 2 high-performance turbines. The fans are also oriented in such a way that cold air is blown directly into the cabinets.

Values and Figures

The design of the DX Panel on the top of cabinets is available in a 1150 x 800 (Top) – 400mm (Bottom) with a 500mm thickness and a total unit weight of 50kg.

Regarding the performance of the machine, this panel can reach cooling loads of up to 25Kw per unit and allows for an airflow of up to 6.000m3/h. In effect, the properties of the machine allow it to work with an evaporation temperature of 5ºC.

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