DX Panel at Roof Top Corridor

Thanks to Active Panel modularity, Weiss Doppelbodensysteme has developed the Direct Expansion version for its installation at corridor roof top. This way, adapting to all different Datacenter designs.

Modular Design

For its accomodation on the corridor ceiling, our partner has slightly modified the cooling panel design. Direct Expansion panel operates in the same way as for its version at cabinet roof top. That is, there will be available 1 or 2 EC fans high-performance which will blow or suck their air according to their operation mode.

Rack Supports

To enable its implementation on the corridor ceiling, rack structures are available to support the cooling units.

Those brackets will be available in custom design according to the exact dimensions and specific requirements of each request, taking into account the number of units to be installed.

Cold Corridor

Direct Expansion panel at roof top corridor is specially conceived for its deployment at cold corridor. Indeed, in this location the panel will suck the hot air originated in the hot aisle, to be cooled down via heat exchangers and eventually blowing the cold air into the cold aisle.

Values & Figures

The DX Panel is available in XXXmm x XXXmm format achieving cooling loads of up to 25kW each unit, as well as providing up to 6000m3/h airflows. Likewise, the unit propeties allows to work with an evaporation temperature of 5ºC.

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