Lund Halsey, our Partner for 24/7 Control Room Console

After a storm comes a calm. We are happy to announce you that we are back to work at 100%. For this, we present you our Control Room Console solutions.

Our manufacturing partner Lund Halsey counts with more than 35 years of experience in international markets. Providing 24/7 Control Room Console, Lund Halsey has been the preferred partner for all kind of critical environments by customers all around the world.

Current requirements for 24/7 environments need to meet the highest safety, ergonomic or design standards. Our specialized manufacturing partner Lund Halsey is deeply aware of it. Therefore, we are proud to deliver you a complete Control Room Console Brochure. Our Brochure covers all vertical market needs with state-of-the-art consoles. Find more about them below.

KONTROL COMMAND: Especially designed for Security, Process Control, Utilities, Air Traffic Management (ATM) or Transport environments. Kontrol Command counts with great modular design and smart storage equipment space for all critical infrastructures needs.

VISIONLINE: The most recent launching. Visionline console provides you with a certified 24/7 solution. Ideal for small and remote equipment while keeping Lund Halsey high quality standards.

E-TYPE II: Lund Halsey first console project was a dedicated Broadcast studio console. After 35 years of experience, the company still provides the leading technology for Broadcast installations thanks to e-Type II serie.

SIT/STAND: Ergonomic requirements are improving day after day. Same occurs with our consoles. The sit/stand feature enables work operators to adjust console height according to their demands. All our consoles are equipped with the Sit/Stand option.

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