Smart Cities Control Room Furniture

Urban spaces are increasingly acquiring major roles in the development of contemporary societies. In the same way, the concept of Smart City has given name to many of the challenges which shape this new industry. As part of this process, at Ergovisual we are specialists in the development of Smart Cities Control Room Furniture.

Smart City Market

Smart City market spreads to a wide range of sectors. This concerns many aspects of modern life: smart management, connectivity, mobility, home intelligence, industry, etc. In effect, comprising the growing demand and fast innovation for all kind of technologies.

In order to make all these elements work, it often requires the provision of Control and Surveillance tools in many aspects. In effect, including the provision of Control Room Technical Furniture for the configuration of Control and Command Centers.

Specialized Furniture for Smart City Installations

Smart City solutions will demand of reliable monitoring solutions. This applies not only in terms of software and abstract solutions, but also regarding infrastructure matters.

High density urban spaces may require of Control Center sites by which carry out a complete supervision of the activity. As an example, traffic planning will require of sophisticated software programmes, but also of high-quality infrastructure to reach its full potential.

For these reasons, the provision of specialized technical furniture become a key issue for the highest equipment effectiveness at work station.

Information Processing and Fast Decision-Making Processes

The need of control and surveillance equipment devices for the connectivity, mobility or smart management of urban cities require of high-quality solutions. Therefore, our partner, the UK manufacturer Lund Halsey, provides you with certified 24/7 solutions for your Smart City Control Center.

Lund Halsey console range counts with a wide range of distinguishing settings. Its independent module bays structure improves human-machine interaction between key equipment devices and operator. Further to this, different size screens may fit into rear work surface thanks to a wide range of support options, from single monitor arms to dual height electronically totems. Likewise, it exists the possibility to create custom configurations.

Work surface is made of high-quality materials, complying with international ergonomic dimension standards. In effect, the operator benefits from free working space area, thus boosting its performance. At the same time, the rest of equipment devices are ergonomically deployed through the console structure.

Worldwide Customers and all kind Vertical Markets

Our partner Lund Halsey has been working worldwide for more than 35 years, becoming a world reference for 24/7 technical furniture solutions. Indeed, customer trust has come from different industry markets, ranging from Security, Broadcast, Air Traffic Management to Energy and Utilities.

It is now, that Lund Halsey establishes as a gobal reference for Smart Cities Control Room Furniture.

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