Ergovisual Corporate Market

Since 2020, Ergovisual has been present in the corporate market, a sector that has seen how new ways of working have updated the usual office landscape. Our experience in the design of workspaces has proved to us the progressive relevance of meeting and collaboration spaces in the corporate field, thus introducing into Ergovisual Corporate market.

New 24/7 TNK Flex Chair

Silla TNK Flex

We have recently added the new 24/7 TNK Flex Serie 30 chair to our list of seating solutions aimed at mission critical environments. TNK Flex model is a 24/7 rated chair in accordance with ergonomic standards for this type of product.

Monitor and Videowall Mount

Multiscreen Videowall

Within our available catalog we can provide monitor mount solutions aimed at all type format screens and monitors.

Office Chairs

Silla oficina Bros

Our chairs catalogue includes an exclusive office chairs range aimed at working environments. Get to know more about the features of our available models conceived with a versatile and functional design for its application in different environments.

Soft Seating

Sofás y muebles recepción

Office environments have been progressively evolving in their design moving beyond simple work areas. Indeed, a wide range of furniture solutions focused on creativity and socialization scenarios has emerged, the so-called soft seating furniture.

Acoustic Panels

Paneles Acústicos Madera

The design of office and work environments such as meeting rooms, boardrooms, huddle rooms, etc. They take into account many aspects. In this sense, the inclusion of acoustic panels is progressively gaining greater importance in the configuration of spaces.

Reception Desk

Mueble Recepcion

Among our available range of Smart Furniture we can also provide an elegant selection of reception desk counters. This type of furniture is still present in current corporate spaces, often delivering a first impression of the company.

Call Center Furniture

Call Center en oficinas

Our catalog includes Call Center furniture aimed at marketing, emergency call centres or customer service, among many others purposes.