Call Center Furniture

Our catalog includes Call Center furniture aimed at marketing, emergency call centres or customer service, among many others purposes.

Our catalog includes Call Center furniture aimed at call cenrre offices, emergency call centers or customer service, among many others purposes.

These types of installations are defined by hosting pre-configured desks for groups of operators, where each one has their own dedicated workspace. The work area usually has a set of equipment and accessories which allows operator performance.

Call Center furniture with a functional design

Modular and functional design

We have basic options and design models that allow the configuration of group modules functionally joined by means of union clamps. At the same time, a free space is provided for each operator individually.

In its basic version, our Call Center desks is available with screen partitions, rounded edges and cable management feature as well. Likewise its versatile design improves operator daily operation, telephone service.

Pre-configured call centre desks

The flexibility of our catalog allows the inclusion of more sophisticated designs. In this case, these modules allow the configuration of open spaces which facilitate communication and interaction between members.

These modules can accomodate different type of accessories such as screen partitions by means of clips, cable ducts, connectivity boxes or monitor arms. Our desks can be found not only in straight configuration but also in rounded or cluster configuration thus meeting all type requests.

Call Center desk with monitor arms and an open design

Key aspects of Call Center furniture

  • Functional and versatile design for the development of tasks
  • Aimed at marketing, customer service, and others, tasks
  • Easy access to equipment and accessories
  • Cable management
  • Screen partitions, acoustic panels, etc.
  • Free work area
  • Equipment integration (phone, headsets, screens, etc.)

At Ergovisual we can provide dedicated call centre furniture aimd at Call Centers. Contact our team for more information and we will be glad to support you in your request.

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