24/7 Chairs for Control and Command Centers

Critical environments such as Control Room installations require of highest technology. At Lund Halsey, this applies not only for technical furniture, but also for our chairs equipment. We are specialists in 24/7 Chairs for Control and Command Centers.

Our Product Brochure provides you with a wide range of solutions. Thus helping our customer to find the appropriate solution for its enquiry.

Why 24/7 Chairs?

As work evolves, and we become more active, shifting from individual to collaborative work in an instant, we need tools designed to be as agile as our work style.

Support for seated movement starts with a flexible, yet supportive chair that allows your body to move freely and naturally.

High-Quality features

Why are 24/7 chairs truly needed? There exist many arguments which gives answer to this question. Here are some.

Full height adjustable

Configurate your preferred height according to your body charactersitics.

Back recline effect

Our high-intese use chairs is equipped with a counter-balance mechanism providing perfect recline resistance for its user.

Self-locking recline mechanism

Set and block your preferred tension and recline position according to your body weight while keeping full support throughout movement.

Pivoting backrest

Backrest automatically moves with the user offering perfect lumbar comfort in all positions.

Contoured cushions

Reduction of pressure points by close sculpted design following body’s shape.

Headrest equipment

Cradle your head and neck during recline thanks to its dynamic support.

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