Meeting and Crisis Desks for Control Rooms

Our Catalogue for Control Room technical furniture exceeds not only our console solutions. We also provide you with high-quality Meeting, Crisis and Corporate Desk solutions. Made of high-quality materials and designed under ergonomic features. Lund Halsey crisis desk combine a functional while also aesthetic solution.

Ergovisual has a wide range of solutions in technical furniture. Its Catalogue goes further to console technical furniture for Control Rooms. Within its Brochure, we offer you Corporate, Meeting and Crisis Desks solutions.

This product range maintains the quality and properties of Lund Halsey solutions. Likewise, these are conceived for its installation in critical environments with decision-making.

Tables for Meeting and Conference Rooms

The product line includes standard solutions as well as solutions with customized designs as required. The product design maintains Lund Halsey high-quality standards. Manufacturing process is carried out in the UK production facility.

Lund Halsey Meeting and Crisis Desks series combines in harmony different elements to match the interior design criterias for a sophisticated and modern space ready to be in use for long periods.

Cutting-Edge Materials & Ergonomic Features

Cutting-edge materials give shape to our ergonomic desks. Built in reinforced metal structure covered with 12mm compact laminate surface. Whole desk will remain united thanks to a complete metal structure.

Its design maintains its functional vocation combining a modern conception with ergonomic features. Therefore, desk corners will have contoured edge with a radius. This in order to minimize the blood’s pressures of the operators.

Work surface height will be 735mm as well as ensuring a 5500mm area for leg space, both complying with EN13986 standards.

Modular Design

Based on a series of modular components Lund Halsey Meeting and Crisis Desks serie is ready to improve the collaboration tasks and interaction between the users. Thanks to a wide range of accessories like integrated monitors, collaboration matrix, custom dedicated power & Data bases.

Each desk will count with removable panels, in compact laminates 12mm, to get access to central area. Central area will allow the hosting of active equipment, cable entries from raised floor, computer integration, KVM units allocation and other electronic devices.

In addition, a minimum interior space of 400mm to allocate electronic devices. Also, the desk will be equipped with cable management routes internally. As option, customer may allocate rack mount inserts inside desk central area.

State-of-the-art Design

Our desks range distinguishes not only for its functional and modular features, but also for an aesthetically attractive design. Customer may select its preferred desks finishes from our wide catalogue. Customise your Conference and Meeting Room by including your company logo in a low voltage LED strip lighting.

Clients globally trust the quality and reliability of this product line for their facilities. Trust our Lund Halsey partner solutions and discover why.

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