In-Floor Cooling System for Modular Datacenters

Day after day, the deployment of modular Datacenters installations is becoming more than usual. Industry tendencies point out to those small-size Datacenters as the preferable solution in terms of space optimization. For this, Weiss has developed the innovative In-Floor Cooling System for Modular Datacenters.

Modular Datacenter Challenges

In order to support the IoT evolution and the masse data produced daily by people and technology, modular Datacenter are a critical solution for doing so.

One of the biggest challenges for Edge Installations and small Datacenters is to maximize the use of space for exploitation, installing reliable elements with reduced footprint to ensure the operation continuity and maximal space optimization.

Full Space Optimisation

Therefore, Weiss Doppelbodensysteme Active Panels become a great solution for such spaces. Its location under raised floor enables our customer to take full profit from Datacenter footprint.

Active Panels enable you to dedicate the whole height of the containment to host servers in rack cabinets. Additionally, raised floor area may host cable routing as well.

Datacenter Cooling

At first spot, Datacenter cooling is the main concern for our customers. Therefore, In-Floor Cooling System for Modular Datacenters, developed by Weiss, accomplishes this key process for Datacenters.

Now available, customer can choose whether to operate via cold water system, or via Direct Expasion system. Both systems reach great charge loads ensuring whole cabinet infrastructure cooling.

Its modular construction easies cooling process. By having closed areas, ventilators intake hot air, by next cooling down air in the room, and finally ventilate it to cold corridor. After completion, the whole height of the modular Datacenter is used, creating physical isolated hot and cold corridors.

Modularity & Accessability

In addition to this, Active Panels facilitate the possibility to carry on maintenance tasks given its modular properties.

The maximal optimization of the space is crucial. In effect, one of the big advantages of Weiss solutions is the flexibility to deploy the installation and to carry on Maintenance tasks.

The Active Panels can be removed from its original position at Datacenter and replaced by the technicians in less than one hour. The connection of Active Panels to main distribution is secured by means of flexible pipes. Therefore it is so easy to carry on a basic maintenance service by the own Datacenter staff.

Fast Installation

As stated above, Active Panel installation becomes an easy process. Its modular conception enables you to keep your Datacenter working while maintenance service.

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