Direct Expansion Panel: In-Floor Cooling for Datacenter

Following our partner Weiss Doppelbodensysteme long time expertise in the IT & Datacenter industries, we present you the Direct Expansion Panel.

Just like our whole Product Brochure, this most recent launching remains loyal to the innovative In-Floor Cooling System for Datacenter installations. DX version Active Panel is located under raised floor. Thus, optimizing Datacenter footprint space.

This time, our solution operates via a DX circuit, rather than previous cold water circuits.


Each Panel consists of 1200mm x 600mm x 550mm dimensions. Equipped with four EC fans and DX heat exchangers units with a free cross section of 44% surface.

Direct Expansion Panels will be located under raised floor and placed in front of each rack cabinets line. The tile can be configurated in both options: as aspiration mode in hot aisle and/or ventilation mode in cold aisle. This easing air direction according to your installation specific needs.

Active Panel is in charge of air cooling thanks to cooling agent. Thus, it enables to work with low degree temperatures. Built in humidifiers and condense water discharges are key for precision airconditioning in your Datacenter.

In addition, EC fan turbines are in charge of air flow ventilation. By directing cooled air to rack cabinets located at cold aisle. In fact, each panel unit will achieve 6.000m3/h air flow value.

Regarding control devices. Fans automatically react to temperature changes in rack cabinets. In effect, the reduction or increase of desired airflow can be established based on two different values. Whether by temperature values or according to air pressure values. This will be previously configurated before shipment.

DX HydroLogic Panel Properties

Direct Expansion Panel may reach charge loads up to 30Kw per unit. Designed to perform via cooling agent, the panel reaches a 5ºC evaporation temperature. Therefore, the presence of humidifiers and condensate processes.

The Panel requires of a 550mm minimum installation height. However, its location guarantees a great space optimization since Datacenter footprint completely devotes to servers hosting at 19” rack cabinets. Further to this, it offers a notably modular capacity for future updates. Moreover, in case of raised floor reparation, DX-Box panel keeps operating with no major affectation.

Control settings for air flow ventilation. As stated above, air flow can be regulated according to temperature values or, alternatively, by air pressure values. Its adjustment must be established previous installation. In effect, such setting grants you with full air flow control for each cabinet line.

Control setting systems for Active Panels offer several options. It grants the possibility for remote control, snmp integration, Bacnet, among other options.

Values & Figures


  • Dimensions: 1200mm x 600mmx 550mm
  • Height: 535mm
  • Finish: PVC, HPL, rubber
  • Weight: 80kg
  • Material: Powder-coated Steel
  • Free surface: 44%
  • Resistance to ground: < 10⁸ Ohm (Depends on coverings)

Charge Loads:

  • Concentrated load: 5kN
  • Ultimate load: >6kN
  • Height: 600mm – 2000mm


  • Cooling Capacity: Up to 30Kw/unit
  • Energy Consumption: 720 W
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Air Flow: 6.000m3/h
  • Humidifier: Integrated
  • Condensates management: Integrated
  • Evaporation temperature: 5ºC

HydroLogic V Panel: In-Floor Cooling System for Datacenter

Long time experience in the IT industry, interacting with all kinds of air conditioning technologies, has led Weiss Doppelbodensysteme GmbH to develop a unique and differential solution for In-floor Datacenter cooling.

By installing Active Panels under raised floor, the entire room overcomes most common difficulties of conventional systems for Datacenter cooling.

This is how the HydroLogic V Panel was born. The 600mmx1200mm tile is located under the raised floor. Thus, optimizing Datacenter footprint space. Likewise, HydroLogic V Panel is in charge of Datacenter cooling thanks to its cold water circuit or, alternatively via Direct Expansion (DX).


Each panel consists of two heat exchangers and four EC fans with a free cross section of 44% surface. The tile can be configured both aspiration function in the hot aisle and / or ventilation mode in the cold aisle.

Active Panels, located under raised floor and placed in front of rack cabinets line, are connected to the main distribution points of the system. Inlet water allows both heat exchangers to cool down air temperature originating in the hot aisle. Following, fans conduct the cooled air back to the cold aisle. Innovative and unique In-floor Datacenter cooling system.

Two different A&B circuits can be installed in order to achieve local redundancy. Active Panels act local for a given area in case there is a lack of or insufficient air flow. Also, it is possible to grow on demand by installating more Active Panels in the corridor, at the exact point where Datacenter may require it.

Two circuit line installation providing great modularity and easing grow on demand

Fans automatically react to temperature changes in rack cabinets. In effect, the reduction or increase of desired airflow can be established based on 2 values. Whether by temperature values or according to air pressure values. This will be previously configurated before shipment.

HydroLogic V Panel Properties

Active Panel tile with 600mmx1200mm format may reach charge loads of up to 40Kw. Designed to perform under 12ºC temperature for inlet water. With a specific V-shaped design to handle possible condensation. Thanks to a lower condensation gravitational control tray, and an optional condensate pump. HydroLogic V Panel incorporates 4 EC turbines with a cooling capacity of up to 40Kw and a maximum consumption of 720w.

Following Weiss Doppelbodensysteme range of Active Panels, our solution has a remarkable modularity capacity for future installation renovations. Notably, such tile provides a great space optimization: Datacenter footprint is entirely devoted to servers hosting in 19” rack cabinets.

Custom settings for air flow control: HydroLogic V Panel can regulate its air flow according to temperature values or by air pressure values. Its adjustment must be defined previous to installation. Such setting grants full air flow control according to corridor needs. Therefore, air flow will be regulated for each area as required. Likewise, regarding external effects such as temperature changes, its effects on Datacenter installation will be reduced.

Control setting systems for Active Panels offer several options. It grants the possibility for remote control, snmp integration, Bacnet, among other options.

3D Rendering for HydroLogic V Panel showing piece per piece

Values & Figures


  • Dimensions: 600mm x 1200mm
  • Thickness: 535mm
  • Topside Material: PVC, HPL, rubber
  • Weight: 80kg
  • Material: Powder-coated Steel
  • Free air outlet: 44%
  • Resistance to ground: < 10⁸ Ohm (Depends on coverings)

Charge Loads:

  • Point load: 3kN
  • Ultimate load: 6kN
  • Height: 600-2000mm


  • Cooling capacity: 40kW
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Power consumption: 720 W
  • Inlet water: 12ºC – 18ºC
  • Water volume: 5,5 m³/h
  • Air supply server temperature: 21°C – 30°C
  • Maximum pressure: 16bar
  • Pressure los: 1 bar max
  • Cooling medium: Water or glycole water mix
HydroLogic V Panel show in real Expo

Kontrol Command Console: Specialized Technical Furniture

Lund Halsey solutions define themselves by its 24/7 properties. In fact, our partner provides Specialized Technical Furniture solutions for critical environments. Within our Product Brochure, we count with several options for consoles. Among them, our most emblematic console line: Kontrol Command 24/7 Console.

Kontrol Command 24/7 Console for Control Room

The essence of 24/7 consoles places Human Factor as the centrifuge core of its design. Indeed, technology deployed in our specialized technical furniture is put at the service of the operator. This is aimed at achieving a continuous improvement for highest efficiency at workplace, as well as the minimization of human risk factors. Specialized technical furniture must facilitate information visualization and processing so as to guarantee a fast reaction response. And so ensures Lund Halsey.

Kontrol Command range establishes itself as a warranty solution for Control and Command Centers. Its ergonomic design is specifically tailored as per the needs of such facilities. Console structure has a remarkable robustness, allowing the accommodation of all type equipment and cable management. Made of high quality materials. Likewise, it affords an easy accessory integration on work surface.

All this is conceived for the creation of Kontrol Command console: A specific solution for 24/7 activities.

3D Rendering service for Kontrol Command line (Height Adjustable option in image)

Suitable for All Market Verticals

According to its capabilities, Kontrol Command console line is applicable for a variety of industries.

Its composition of independent standard bays in 19” modules provides great flexibility for the console configuration, according to specific requirements of each request. Indeed, each module is provided with CPU racks, front and rear access doors, level legs, internal 10U rack for equipment storage, among other features.

Same occurs regarding cable routing: Kontrol Command internal design includes wiring channels for cable management. In addition, it allows access from the raised floor through entrances on the legs.

In critical spaces where information processing is a key factor, a design focused on human factors and operator activity becomes crucial. Empowering the operator with an easy equipment handling reduces the risk of error, as well as a better decision making process.

In short, its integral conception responds to the needs of Control and Command Centers in critical environments. Following, we can see its application in different industries.


Intended for Militar, Defense or Security activities: thanks to its robust design and its easy equipment integration.

Military and Security facilities can be defined as spaces susceptible to risks, operating in high-pressure situations which demand of rapid reaction and decision timing.

Additionally, the console is provided with a remarkable space for equipment storage. Existing 19” modules enable tray equipment integration according to its standard 19” size. Furthermore, although equipment is fully protected, an easy access is granted thanks to front and rear mobile doors.

Kontrol Command Case Study for Security Installation

Oil & Gas and Process Control

Considered for industries such as Oil & Gas, Energy or Process Control: Process Control activities require of complementary equipment. Thus, these are factors conceived in the console own design.

Also for Energy, Oil&Gas and Process Control it is remarkable the risks reduction in order to achieve a great operator comfort. However, the main issue in these facilities lies on content processing and display. The Kontrol Command, according to its 24/7 use, guarantees the integration of monitors as well as personalized equipment on the work surface. Therefore, ensuring operator efectiveness at workplace.

Process Control workplace with full equipment integration

Transport and ATC (Air Traffic Control)

Kontrol Command also suits for Transport and Air Traffic Management (ATM) industries. The specific needs of such market may require custom designs, the consideration of various integration elements (technical cabinets, cable management, etc.). All this, with height adjustable option, present for all Lund Halsey consoles.

In those markets, specifications regarding equipment and its integration on work surface can require custom configurations. For this reason, Lund Halsey technical furniture ensures an easy integration of all necessary equipment for the highest effectiveness at workplace.

ATC reference installation with customised Console configurations

Hydrologic Panel: In-Floor Cooling System

The soaring demand for data services is challenging many hosters and data center operators to ensure the economic operation of their data centers, especially at high packing densities per rack. Therefore, Weiss Doppelbodensysteme has developed an innovative In-Floor Cooling system for your Datacenter Cooling.

Weiss Doppelbodensysteme GmbH now bears this challenge with the development of the system HydroLogic Panel.

Hydrologic Panel properties

The respective elements are designed for the size 600 x 600 mm and thus fit exactly into the existing pitch of the raised floor in the data center. Special sizes can be realized on customer request.

At a water supply temperature of 12°C and a discharge temperature of 18°C, a heat dissipation of 10 kW per plate is achieved.

HydroLogic Panels can be placed in front and behind the rack for maximum heat dissipation up to 20 kW per rack.

Airflow is homogenously spread all over the rack column providing the proper air demand for each of the server installed.

HydroLogic Panel 3D rendering example


In this In-Floor Cooling system, water is used as a medium for heat dissipation. Water is channeled through the raised floor in the cold and hot aisle.

High-performance fans ensure the demand-oriented air flow, by sucking in the air from the hot aisle and blow it out in the cold aisle, in each case through the heat exchanger.


  • Voltage: 230V
  • Power Consumption: 140W
  • Inlet Water Temperature: 12ºC-18ºC
  • Water Volume: 1,43m3/h
  • Air Supply temperature: 21ºC/30ºC
  • Maximum Pressure: 10bar
  • Pressure lose: 1 bar maximum
  • Cooling media: Water or glycole-water mix

Installation rendering example

Kontrol Command for Process Control Environments

Our partner Lund Halsey is recognized as one of the leading suppliers for Control Room Furniture worldwide for a wide range of applications. Air Traffic Control, Security, Transport, Defense or Process Control environments.

In effect, among all those vertical markets, Kontrol Command console line is especially conceived for all Process Control activities: Energy infrastructures, Oil&Gas installations, Industrial Processes, among others.

The console design combines stylish ergonomic features with high functionality degree. Therefore, thanks to its modular design, built up of a steel bay system carrying a lifetime warranty, Kontrol Command is easy to install and can accomodate a wide range of accessories, making it the right solution for Process Control Industries.

Know more about why and how Kontrol Command becomes the right solution for your Control and Command Center.

Process Control Requirements

Control Room industrial installations demand of specific requirements for their daily operation. The core and main concern resides on information treatment and processing. Live and changing data for Process Control implies fluctuating scenarios with important consequences. Therefore, the need of deploying the appropriate equipment becomes an essential tool.

Robust and Modular Design

Each console consists of a series of standard bays to form consoles as required and to provide the most ergonomic arrangement for the number of operators and the specified control equipment. Each modular bay is based on an independent modular frame complete with, levelling feet, CPU shelf, hinged rear door, removable front panel and integral cable management.

Kontrol Command gives you the possibility to install all kind of devices inside your console. Standard 19” independent modular bays enables you to allocate PC devices, KVM trays, PDU units or tailored rack frames (up to 10U).

A steel built structure provides console with great robustness. Easy and secure storage space will safely locate all your equipment devices. Additionally, console will count with great stability for the whole HPL (compact laminate made) working surface given its robust structure.

Hinged panels on top of storage space provide an easy access cable management routing. Actually, console design is especifically devoted to integrate different cable routing through the structure, separated by each type.

24/7 Process Control Actvity

Intense usage and 24/7 daily activity entails a set of features for your Control Room Console. Right equipment integration becomes a key factor for the Process Control industry.

For this reason, Kontrol Command easies the integration of monitor screens as per custom requirements: thanks to single and dual monitor arms or additional totems and rails for other screen configurations. Great field of view between operator and monitor screens or further videowalls is completely guaranteed. Thus facilitating information processing.

In addition to this, working surface made of HPL compact laminate counts with highest ergonomic features: 710mm as dedicated working space. HPL compact laminate allows no roughness in surface, as well as avoiding any kind of lightning for operator.

Working surface affords equipment integration on upper surface. Further to this, customised pod compartments located on working surface can be integrated as per personalised configuration. Also, Kontrol Touch units (power outlets) can be deployed near to operator workplace, easing devices connectivity.

Often, Process Control infrastructures imply the joint integratation of consoles with videowall configuration. For this reason, Kontrol Command line takes into account such considerations by adjusting to Human Factors standards for Control Room activity. Likewise, Lund Halsey can provide Videowall monitor stacks or specific solutions to accomodate all kind of Videowalls.

Customer Experience

Customers worldwide have trusted in Lund Halsey Control Room Console solutions. Companies especialised in Energy, Industry, Oil & Gas and Process Control activites have been working with our partner for the supply of specialized technical furniture.

Each Project contains unique requirements in order to achieve highest integration for operator daily work. In effect, Lund Halsey commits to provide you with the right solution for your Control Room.

In short, environments where information processing is a key factor for the right operator work load, Kontrol Command establishes itself as a high-quality solution. Kontrol Command range safely covers screen visualization, free working space, access to connectivity points, all kind equipment integration, among many others.

Datacenter Cooling by Weiss Doppelbodensysteme GmbH

Datacenter Cooling is a key factor for the right operationality of our installation. Market offers few solutions for Datacenter Cooling. All of them with the aim to conditioning the room and achieving high energy efficiency.

Same occurs with Weiss Doppelbodensysteme. Under its German manufacturer status, Weiss has developed a pioneer and alternative solution further from current solutions.

In this system water is used as a medium for heat dissipation. Water is channeled through the raised floor in the cold and hot aisle. Built-in high-performance fans ensure demand-oriented airflow.

This innovation solution grants the best of two different cooling methods widely implemented worldwide. In-Floor cooling could be considered as Hybrid cooling solution between traditional perimetral cooling and the in-row cooling solutions.

In-Floor cooling active panels located at raised floor ensure and even distribution of cold air across the entire Datacenter, using the plenum chamber to boost cold air. This is same concept as perimetral cooling but without sacrifying space in the room and without a maintenance corridor.

The implementation of In-Floor cooling active panels across the entire Datacenter we achieve a true and reliable “local redundancy”.

Current market tendencies boost the creation of Edge, Modular and Medium and Small size Datacenters. Therefore, one of the biggest challenges for such installations is to maximize the use of space for exploitation. By installing reliable elements as Hydrologic Panel, with reduced footprint to ensure the operation and space optimization, you will be provided with high-quality solution.

Datacenter most demanded features focus on energy efficiency. Additionally, edge computing installation cases are increasing. Therefore, Weiss becomes the right solution regarding efficiency and space saving concerns. Hydrologic Panel offers you plenty of great advantages.

  • Homogeneous air distribution all over rack height
  • Cooling source nearby heating points
  • Tiles modularity
  • Energy efficiency
  • 10KW capacity per rack
  • Exploitation of free raised floor space
Weiss Doppelbodensysteme GmbH founded in 1975. Specialised in Datacenter Cooling systems.

All about new 24/7 Visionline Console by Lund Halsey

Within our Control Room Brochure we can proudly deliver you a wide range of specialized technical furniture. Among it, we are happy to present you our Partner last launching: Visionline Console.

Visionline Console presents itself as a new console serie for 24/7 environments. This serie confirms our partner position as a world leading manufacturer for Control Room Consoles. With the new product, Lund Halsey sticks its commitment to achieve the highest ergonomic, design and operability requirements. Considering the Human Factor in the core of our activty.

New Visionline Console for Control Centers

The new console line will help us to better understand our customers needs. Control Centers necessities keep changing and so is doing Lund Halsey. The new console line enables us to match upcoming tendencies in the market.

With a fast-growing trend to conceive Control Room installations with every time less integrated equipment. Visionline is aimed at providing a state-of-the-art solution. Our new solution will prove to be an excellent option for the integration of remote equipment devices, Thin Clients, KVM equipment, among many others.

Therefore, we are glad to show you all secrets of our new Visionline 24/7 Console.

Ergonomic Design

Visionline keeps Lund Halsey 24/7 category for all its specialized technical furniture. Under this assumption, console is specifically designed to guarantee the highest efectiveness at operator workplace.

Work surface dimensions will comply with ISO 11064 standards. This means a nominally height of 735mm for the work surface. A 750mm space will be dedicated to free leg space in order to improve operator comfortability.

Additionally, console range will be also equipped with the Height Adjustable feature. Such option is a high-appreciated given its easying for the best operator effectiveness. In conclusion, Visionline reaches the most demanding ergonomic guidelines.

Equipment integration will be no concern for our customers. Articulated monitor arm for different sizes, screen totems, specific rails or customised compartment pods can be perfectly accomodate on console work surface.

Specific ergonomic design for best operator effectiveness

Equipment Storage

The new console is specifically conceived for reduced equipment installations. Dedicated storage space will be able to host equipment devices inside 19” modules. Locate your KVM devices, Thin Clients, or additional remote equipment inside console.

Console modularity establishes itself as a key factor by ensuring a great comfortability at workplace. This also concerns the possibility to easily integrate all kind of equipment both on worktop surface and hosting area. Cable management is also covered thanks to specific channels integrated at console structure and lateral panels.

In case further equipment needs to be allocated, you can count with technical cabinets option. Inbetween cabinets can be installed within console positions. This will provide console with additional stability as well as hosting space.

Locate your equipment inside console storage space

Our Conclusion

Increasingly demands of limited access to private equipment, high security installations, among others, contribute to separate equipment from Control Room area.

Therefore, Visionline Console appears as the right solution. While keeping 24/7 features it also provides you with a realiable solution for emergency situations, high-pressure context or decision-making spaces.

Try our 3D rendering services for your Visionline installation

Jet Panel – Retrofit solution to improve Datacenter ventilation

Our German partner Weiss Doppelbodensysteme counts with a wide range of solutions for Datacenter cooling.

Jet Panel shows itself as a retrofit Datacenter solution. It greatly applies to those installaions which may find obstructions in the plenum room regarding cable issues, among other equipment. Specifically designed for Datacenter ventilation.

Datacenters racks are always susceptible to changing termal loads. Even more when considering high temperature contexts, as cases of heating environments or installations with isolation shortfall.

Such obstructions can produce defects on the air supply towards servers, this being able to occasionate high costs, or even an overheating, leading to the server failure.

Jet Panel consists of a plug and play solution which contributes to improve your cold air distribution within plenum room. Easy to install in any part of the Datacenter. The perfect solution to tackle specific areas of your Datacenter suffering of air undersupply. Jet Panel enables you to conduct cold airflow on demand.

Jet Panel regulates the EC turbine speed via an electronic control device. This can manage unit groups in the same room.

Automatic control devices mechanisms can be established depending on temperature difference, or by air pressure difference within plenum room.

X Version

Jet Panel X Version provides you with the following features for Datacenter cooling:

  • Airflow supply up to 2.700m3/h
  • Dimensions: 600mm x 600mm
  • 250mm thickness
  • Manufacture materials covered in powder coated steel
  • Weight: 26kg
  • Punctual charges up to 3kN
  • High performance EC ventilation turbine
  • Minimum installation height: 350mm

XL Version

Jet Panel XL Version provides you with the following features for Datacenter cooling:

  • Airflow supply up to 4.000m3/h
  • Dimensions: 600mm x 600mm
  • Manufacture materaisl covered in poder coated steel
  • High performance EC ventilation turbine
  • Minimum installation height: 350mm

Specialized technical furniture 24/7 for critical infrastructures

Lund Halsey technical furniture is especially designed for control romos spaces. This meaning product features comply with the highest requirements for such environments.

Based and manufactured in the UK, our partner is specialised in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art solutions for critical infrastructures. Or partner combines heritage with innovation, using the latest materials and state of the art processes to create functional yet stylish console solutions.

Existing emergency and pressure elements are part of daily Control Room activity, these requiring of the highest guarantees for the room equipment. Therefore, 24/7 console solution turn into a key factor in order to achieve a fast decision time and a better operationality.

Many issues come to play. All of them are taken into consideration under Lund Halsey technical furniture. Check them.

High-end Materials

Each console is made of two main materials. On the one hand, console structure is built in steel, being in charge of console stability and storage functions. On the other hand, compact laminate material (HPL) is destined to operator work surface given its resistance and durability.

Compact laminate easies operator work environment given the absence of any kind of roughness. Furhter to preventing from lightning discomforts on surface. HPL counts with a 12mm thick work surface, as per international standard EN13986, with corner sections with curved angled consoles.

Among its features, console materials prove efficient against disinfectant liquids nor abrasive components. Additonally, Lund Halsey technical furniture is tested fire proof in case of emergency against high degree temperatures.

Work operator surface made of HPL compact laminate with steel made console structure

Ergonomic Design

One of the key factors of 24/7 consoles is aimed at the easing and ensuring operator activity. For this, it is required an ergonomic design providing the highest operability and commodity in workplace. Most recent industry tendencies are increasingly focusing on such requirements.

Work surface height will nominally be 735mm, complying with ISO 11064 standards. Likewise, Lund Halsey provides a minimum 710mm area for working space. Same applies in terms of free leg space with 750mm of dedicated area.

Specific ergonomic design complying with highest Human Factor standards

Angle vision towards monitor screens does not exceed the appropriate field of vision: thanks to articulated monitor arms, totems or specific rails which improve field vision; this also applying in case of videowall monitors.

Height Adjustable feature is available for all console range. Such option improves workplace customisation according to specific needs. Additionally, it reports important benefits in terms of operator health and well-being at workplace.

Generally, Lund Halsey complies with Human Factors standards established under ISO 11064 international guidelines.

Equipment Storage

Our manufacturer console range counts with a modular design. Thus, providing a great modularity according to custom requirements for each request. Indeed, console consists of a series of 19” standard bays as well as custom sizes modules. Those bays contribute to a great storage space for all equipment devices.

Console modularity for easy equipment storage

Specialised technical furniture is also supplied with cable management solutions with easy access removable panels. Specifically designed and integrated within side panels and all over central beam exist dedicated cable management sections. All providing cable separation as per each type.

An easy access to storage equipment is provided via rear and front access doors with no affectation in case of reparation. Also, console enables cable access and integration coming from raised floor thanks to specific entrances located on console base.

Lastly, it is important to outline a specific design for devices integration on work surface: articulated monitor arms for different sizes, pod compartments, connectivity panels, Broadcast mixers, among many others.

Specific design for cable management and equipment storage

Lund Halsey, our Partner for 24/7 Control Room Console

After a storm comes a calm. We are happy to announce you that we are back to work at 100%. For this, we present you our Control Room Console solutions.

Our manufacturing partner Lund Halsey counts with more than 35 years of experience in international markets. Providing 24/7 Control Room Console, Lund Halsey has been the preferred partner for all kind of critical environments by customers all around the world.

Current requirements for 24/7 environments need to meet the highest safety, ergonomic or design standards. Our specialized manufacturing partner Lund Halsey is deeply aware of it. Therefore, we are proud to deliver you a complete Control Room Console Brochure. Our Brochure covers all vertical market needs with state-of-the-art consoles. Find more about them below.

KONTROL COMMAND: Especially designed for Security, Process Control, Utilities, Air Traffic Management (ATM) or Transport environments. Kontrol Command counts with great modular design and smart storage equipment space for all critical infrastructures needs.

VISIONLINE: The most recent launching. Visionline console provides you with a certified 24/7 solution. Ideal for small and remote equipment while keeping Lund Halsey high quality standards.

E-TYPE II: Lund Halsey first console project was a dedicated Broadcast studio console. After 35 years of experience, the company still provides the leading technology for Broadcast installations thanks to e-Type II serie.

SIT/STAND: Ergonomic requirements are improving day after day. Same occurs with our consoles. The sit/stand feature enables work operators to adjust console height according to their demands. All our consoles are equipped with the Sit/Stand option.