Control Room Vertical Markets & Applications

Throughout our trajectory taking part in Control Room and Control Center projects we have been able to work closely with professionals from different market sectors. Effectively, each project has its own needs and features according its application.

The type of activity to be performed at site is a key aspect in the room configuration. Thanks to this we have learnt and assimilated a thorough know-how about most common needs in each sector.

Project-Base Approach: Each Project Is Unique

As professionals in the sector, we understand each project as a unique request with its own needs. Likewise those aspects are taken into account to meet the general foundations of a Control Room design.

In the same way at Ergovisual we have worked in a wide range of market sectors where technical furniture solutions are a common requirement.

Security and Monitoring

One of main activity type in which we are present are those installations dedicated to Security and Monitoring purposes. These are working environments with a minimum error margin.

At the same time, it can be essential the need to host equipment devices within the console with private area. For this reason, the technical furniture design contemplates the integration of such devices with an internal dedicated area with limited access.

Lastly, the manufacturing materials are of high-quality standards providing a remarkable robustness and stability for the whole console.

Process Control

This industry is pretty used to technical furniture requirements. Same as per previous case, those installations do not admit the minor error degree.

Another relevant aspect in those sectors refers to fluctant data processing and critical information. Indeed, the complete LundHalsey catalogue is conceived to allow all type screens configuration, thus reaching the best possible human-machine interaction.


Our partner LundHalsey has established as a leader manufacturer in technical furniture solutions for the Broadcast industry. With a global presence, we have worked, and still keep doing so, with top broadcasting companies worldwide.

This way, LundHalsey desks are provided with a dedicated Broadcast product line. This product range counts with the premium e-Type II console, and alternatively, the x-Type version. Its modular design allows clients to adapt future updates in the installation. Up to 100 different accessories are available for its integration.

Air Traffic Control

Installation sites such as Control Towers, Operation Centers or Simulation Rooms at Airports require of high-quality equipment for the correct performance at workplace.

In this occasion, one of the most relevant features is the wide brochure of devices and screens to be integrated at worktop surface. This range goes from radars to control panels, joysticks, touch screens, among many others. Therefore, LundHalsey desks are designed for its integration at worktop surface.

Want to Know More?

Those sectors are just a few of the most usual markets in our daily activity. Further to this, we have been involved in different type of industries for the configuration of Control and Command Centers by meeting their unique requirements.

In case you have any project or wish to have more information, do no hesitate to contact us or visit our website.

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