Technical Furniture for Control Rooms

Specialized technical furniture is specifically conceived for its location in Control Rooms and Control Centers. Indeed, this refers to working environments with fluctuant information for quick decision-making processes in high pressures scenarios.

According to this premise, operator desks are especifically designed to achieve an optimal workplace.

Understanding the Workstation

The approach towards working places must be done in a comprehensive way, identifying the most important aspects which affect the proper daily activity of the operator. Among many aspects, we want to outline 4 key aspects to conceive an appropriate Control Room console.

Working Area

Just as the title indicates, the working area refers to the regular area where operator carries out its activity. This mainly occupies the working surface closest to human body, as well as those parts where frequently used accessories and equipment are allocated.

Therefore, the main worry concerning the working surface should be to guarantee a free, plan and accessible space for the operator. This way being able to carry out his working performance, or in case of using the equipment devices to access these with no major obstacle.

One last note in this regard refers to the Control Rooms ergonomic standards. These mark that a free area of minimum 750mm dedicated to operator working surface, as well as a minimum 800mm free leg space easing operator’s rotation at workplace.

Display Area

The dedicated space to locate screens and monitors is essential to understand contemporary Control Centers. Among its main characteristics, the most notable is the ease of integrating different types of supports: individual arms, dual arms, totem poles or rails. At the same time, it should also allow for highest flexibility to set screens position.

Another common point concerning screen and monitor concerns has to do with its accessibility. Cable routing for those displays is preferred to be as clean as possible and to be private thus avoiding any human access to it.

Cable Routing

Tables and desks for Control Rooms and Control Centers tend to store a large amount of equipment devices. This involves both all kind active devices such as computers, PDUs, and many others. Cable management must be clean and hidden to avoid connection obstacles while keeping away from any human intervention.

To do this, operator desks have several entry points at console feet, connected to through specific internally cable channels.

Storage Area

In this last point we highlight storage areas dedicated to equipment housing. To allow the correct operation in the room, consoles are provided with dedicated storage areas to house equipment, ranging from CPUs in different formats, KVM trays, rack units, PDUs, among others.

Thus, these devices will be hosted in those specific areas with restricted access to its interior, providing more security to the installation.