HydroLogic Panel at Roof Top of Datacenter

Weiss Doppelbodensysteme product catalogue for Datacenter cooling allows for its perfomance both under the raised floor and at roof top of Datacenter.

Indeed, the HydroLogic Panel is one of the solutions suitable for its installation in both places. In the following lines we take an insight to HydroLogic Panel most remarkable features.

Roof Top Cooling

HydroLogic Panel modular features allow for its suitability in both places. This way, Weiss Doppelbodensysteme cooling units will comply with a larger type of Datacenter installations with different designs.

No Design Modifications

Initially, the HydroLogic Panel was intended solely for its placement on the raised floor. However, in its development process suitable at roof top no design modification was required.

Effectively, the initial Panel design has been maintained, only adapting its orientation: when placed at the ceiling, steel ventilation is faced towards raised floor tiles. Likewise, the rest of the components have not been modified in their design and position.

Suitable for Hot and/or Cold Aisle

Roof Top HydroLogic Panel can be installed in both hot and cold aisles. In the same way as in the case of being located on the raised floor, the performance of the panels is homogeneous in both positions.

In this way, the modularity of the solution allows to locate the cooling sources in the preferable area according to the design and the Datacenter occupation.

Performance and Values

As stated above, HydroLogic Panel at roof top requires no design modification, thus being available in a standard format of 600 x 600mm with a thickness of 350mm and a total weight of 36kg each unit.

Regarding the machine performance, the panel can reach cooling loads up to 10Kw per unit and an air flow of 1.600m3/h. On the other hand, the HydroLogic Panel works via a cold water circuit and is also able to operate in free cooling scenarios. Eventually, this cooling unit allows to work with an inlet water temperature between 12-18ºC.

Contact Us!

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You can also access our Ergovisual webiste, as well as our partner Weiss Doppelbodensysteme website.

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