Datacenter Scalability and Modularity

Active Panel become an innovative alternative to conventional cooling systems. The format of the cooling units and its location enable remarkable advantages regarding Datacenter scalability and modularity.

Active Panel Properties

One of its most distinguished features of In-Floor Cooling system is the location of the Active Panels. Likewise, the tile format is also interesting, especially when considering other conventional cooling systems.

Datacenter Footprint Optimization

Active Panel locate under raised floor area. Therefore, Datacenter footprint dedicates to servers hosting, without space affections for the cooling units.

Market tendencies and the evolution of Datacenter infrastructures tend to boost Small & Middle size installations. Given the higher space cost within urban zones, the highest optimization becomes more necessary.

For this reason, the Active Panel become the right solution for Small & Middle size installations.


In case of update or renovals at site, modular and scaleable Weiss properties ease the adaptation to new requirements. Indeed, resulting indispensable to outline Active Panel scalability.

The modular design of Active Panel solutions enables our customer to move cooling units as per requirement. That is, cooling units may exchange its position as per installation update. For example, in case of any update, Panels can be uninstalled in a very easy way, with minor technical affectations.

Another scenary could be the site growth. In this case, Panels may relocate in other parts of the installation. This meaning that, in case of extension, technical staff will be able to easily adjust cooling units as request.

Operative in complement to conventional systems

Another remarkable feature of Active Panels is its capacity to operate with other conventional cooling systems. Weiss solutions does not exclude the installation of other cooling systems. On the contrary, operating as complementary.

Weiss solutions have been deployed in some reference sites together with other cooling solutions. One of these, combines Weiss Active Panel charge loads with CRAC units.

In short, Weiss catalogue provides great Datacenter scalability and modularity features, thus operating in complement with other Cooling systems.

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