Datacenter Space Optimization

IT and Datacenter industry is in growing demand; not only in terms of business, but also in other concrete terms. That is especially remarkable when considering the demand of space availability. In effect, Datacenter space optimization has become a major concern for all installations. Then is when Weiss shows up with its Active Panel innovative solution.

Growing Space Concerns

Every day, massive data is produced daily by people and technlogy. To cope with it, infrastructure tends to locate in urban spaces, thus increasing the costs of the installation. Therefore, saving and optimizing available space has become a crucial and necessary step to be taken into consideration.

Raised Floor Overcome Passivity

Traditional raised floors tended to have passive characteristics, by only hosting cable routing and almost being a lost space.

However, Weiss Raised Floor Systems has supplemented completely new functions with the advent of the Active Panels. Given a growing need of space for servers at rack cabinets, Weiss inspires the idea to place cooling units under Raised Floor area.

Solutions for Existing and New Installations

Weiss Active Panel apply both to existing Datacenter and for the planning of new installations. Existing Datacenters may be forced to make full use of their capacity, while new ones will prepare for present and future requirements.

The innovative Active Panel maximizes the use of space exploitation, installing reliable elements with reduced footprint to ensure the operation continuity and maximal space optimization. All this ensuring the highest Datacenter space optimization.

Both Under Raised Floor & At Hot / Cold Corridor Rooftop

As part of the modular capabilities of Weiss solutions, there is the option to install Active Panels both under Raised Floor or at Hot / Cold Corridor rooftop. In effect, this improving site space optimization.

Sometimes, the installation may count with important constraints in terms of space, such as the absence of raised floor. Then, Weiss solutions can also accomodate into an alternative place. Even, with the possibility to locate it at hot or cold corridor, as preferrable.


Industry requirements and its rapid development has shown the unexpected growth and innovation of Datacenter installations. At the same time, meanwhile space costs keep increasing, optimization will be a crucial issue for Datacenter conception.