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The Online Configurator is an intuitive and easy-to-use software that allows custom configuration of the different LundHalsey product lines. Recently, new configuration options have been added to the Design My Console software improving the user experience. Try it!

Our technological partner, the English manufacturer LundHalsey, has a valuable tool for the custom design and configuration of your technical furniture. It is the Online Design My Console Configurator, accessible free of charge through its website.

The Online Configurator is an intuitive and easy-to-use software that allows personalized configuration of the different product lines LundHalsey . In addition, it is available in 3D Render format with a detailed view for each component of the console.

New configuration options available

Recently, new configuration options have been added to the My Console software to improve the user experience by offering multiple resources for further customization of the design.

There are several novelties that are included in this latest update. Among them we want to highlight the following.

Operators location

This latest update allows for the addition of operator workplaces to consoles previously configured by the user. In this way, working areas can be properly separated as well as correcltly visualizing the available space for each operator on the console.

Likewise, it not only allows to delimit the operator’s working areas, but also to visualize the operator’s interaction with the deployed technology: screens, mobile panels, power outlets, customizable modules, etc.

Angle vision to the videowall

Another update added to the list of the available equipment in the Configurator refers to a very common type of technology in Control Room installations. It’s about videowall screens and monitors.

The videowall structure can be configured in both axes to create the desired monitor scheme, while it can also be located on any of the side walls, adjusting to the design requirements.

In the same vein, one of the most attractive novelties responds to the visualization of the angle of vision of the operators towards the videowall. This new setting allows to appreciate the greater or lesser ease of the operator when viewing and interacting with the information shown on the monitors.

List of Materials

Finally, another addition to the software has to do with selected accessories, equipment and parts. From now on, all the components used in the configuration will be collected in a specific Bill of Materials.

In this way, the user will be able to know at any time and in full detail what parts and components make up his personalized console.



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