Roof Top Datacenter Cooling

The innovative cooling system via raised floor developed by Weiss Doppelbodensysteme is now enlarged with the Roof Top cooling system at top of corridors.

The modularity of the Active Panel range has allowed the development of this alternative, adapting the panels for its installation in different designs of Datacenter installations, while guaranteeing the best possible air conditioning in the room.

Roof Top Datacenter Cooling

The alternative of the Roof Top Datacenter is targeted at those installations whose design does not facilitate the location of the regular range of Active Panels. Cases such as raised floors of lower heights than necessary, collapsed plenum chambers due to cable traffic, or the very inexistence of this area.

In order to adapt to these scenarios, the manufacturer Weiss Doppelbodensysteme has worked on the development of Active Panels for their location at Roof Top of corridors. For this reason, below we want to show several of the most interesting points that this alternative offers for the air conditioning of the Datacenter.

Render reference showing Active Panel located at roof top of rack cabinets

Suitable for different Datacenter designs

As stated above, Datacenter installations can show a wide range of installation designs for the servers hosting. Usually, the below space under raised floor is relegated to minor issues, therefore avoiding its full profit.

To face these limitations, work has been done on the development of the Active Panel application at top of Datacenter. This way, Weiss solutions are also suitable for all kind installations designs.

Available in Cold Water and Direct Expansion version

It is also very remarkable the possibility of locating the cooling units on the roof top, being available in both versions: in Water-Chilled version, and in Direct Expansion .

For the Chilled Water version, the HydroLogic Panel readjusts its location to the upper ceiling of the hot and / or cold aisle. In this case, there are no major changes in the design of the solution, beyond the orientation of the panel.

In the case of the Direct Expansion version, the DX Panel, it has been slightly remodeled to fit for its performance at top of cabinets. The DX Panel is equipped with 2 high-performance turbines that direct the cooled air into the hallway.

3D rendering of the DX Panel for installation on the ceiling of the Datacenter

Optimization of available space

Just as the version with the false floor allows you to take advantage of an area that is often missed, this option also allows you to greatly optimize the available space in the Datacenter.

Usually, the top of the cabinets can result in a vacant zone with no equipment located. Therefore, both cooling units and the wiring, ducts and hoses circuits can be integrated cleanly, allowing to make the most of the footprint available in the installation.

Cold and / or Hot aisle Installation

Another notable advantage derived from this update is the possibility of placing the cooling units in both the cold and hot aisles, without causing major setbacks or major effects on the performance of the machines.

However, it should be noted that the working mode selected for the machine will be unique. In other words, if customer prefers its location in the hot aisle, the machine will absorb the hot air coming out of the servers: thus, if its location is subsequently changed to the cold aisle, it will not be possible to change the working mode.

Installation example with the HydroLogic Panel at top of Datacenter
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