All about new 24/7 Visionline Console by Lund Halsey

Within our Control Room Brochure we can proudly deliver you a wide range of specialized technical furniture. Among it, we are happy to present you our Partner last launching: Visionline Console.

Visionline Console presents itself as a new console serie for 24/7 environments. This serie confirms our partner position as a world leading manufacturer for Control Room Consoles. With the new product, Lund Halsey sticks its commitment to achieve the highest ergonomic, design and operability requirements. Considering the Human Factor in the core of our activty.

New Visionline Console for Control Centers

The new console line will help us to better understand our customers needs. Control Centers necessities keep changing and so is doing Lund Halsey. The new console line enables us to match upcoming tendencies in the market.

With a fast-growing trend to conceive Control Room installations with every time less integrated equipment. Visionline is aimed at providing a state-of-the-art solution. Our new solution will prove to be an excellent option for the integration of remote equipment devices, Thin Clients, KVM equipment, among many others.

Therefore, we are glad to show you all secrets of our new Visionline 24/7 Console.

Ergonomic Design

Visionline keeps Lund Halsey 24/7 category for all its specialized technical furniture. Under this assumption, console is specifically designed to guarantee the highest efectiveness at operator workplace.

Work surface dimensions will comply with ISO 11064 standards. This means a nominally height of 735mm for the work surface. A 750mm space will be dedicated to free leg space in order to improve operator comfortability.

Additionally, console range will be also equipped with the Height Adjustable feature. Such option is a high-appreciated given its easying for the best operator effectiveness. In conclusion, Visionline reaches the most demanding ergonomic guidelines.

Equipment integration will be no concern for our customers. Articulated monitor arm for different sizes, screen totems, specific rails or customised compartment pods can be perfectly accomodate on console work surface.

Specific ergonomic design for best operator effectiveness

Equipment Storage

The new console is specifically conceived for reduced equipment installations. Dedicated storage space will be able to host equipment devices inside 19” modules. Locate your KVM devices, Thin Clients, or additional remote equipment inside console.

Console modularity establishes itself as a key factor by ensuring a great comfortability at workplace. This also concerns the possibility to easily integrate all kind of equipment both on worktop surface and hosting area. Cable management is also covered thanks to specific channels integrated at console structure and lateral panels.

In case further equipment needs to be allocated, you can count with technical cabinets option. Inbetween cabinets can be installed within console positions. This will provide console with additional stability as well as hosting space.

Locate your equipment inside console storage space

Our Conclusion

Increasingly demands of limited access to private equipment, high security installations, among others, contribute to separate equipment from Control Room area.

Therefore, Visionline Console appears as the right solution. While keeping 24/7 features it also provides you with a realiable solution for emergency situations, high-pressure context or decision-making spaces.

Try our 3D rendering services for your Visionline installation
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