Datacenter Cooling by Weiss Doppelbodensysteme GmbH

Datacenter Cooling is a key factor for the right operationality of our installation. Market offers few solutions for Datacenter Cooling. All of them with the aim to conditioning the room and achieving high energy efficiency.

Same occurs with Weiss Doppelbodensysteme. Under its German manufacturer status, Weiss has developed a pioneer and alternative solution further from current solutions.

In this system water is used as a medium for heat dissipation. Water is channeled through the raised floor in the cold and hot aisle. Built-in high-performance fans ensure demand-oriented airflow.

This innovation solution grants the best of two different cooling methods widely implemented worldwide. In-Floor cooling could be considered as Hybrid cooling solution between traditional perimetral cooling and the in-row cooling solutions.

In-Floor cooling active panels located at raised floor ensure and even distribution of cold air across the entire Datacenter, using the plenum chamber to boost cold air. This is same concept as perimetral cooling but without sacrifying space in the room and without a maintenance corridor.

The implementation of In-Floor cooling active panels across the entire Datacenter we achieve a true and reliable “local redundancy”.

Current market tendencies boost the creation of Edge, Modular and Medium and Small size Datacenters. Therefore, one of the biggest challenges for such installations is to maximize the use of space for exploitation. By installing reliable elements as Hydrologic Panel, with reduced footprint to ensure the operation and space optimization, you will be provided with high-quality solution.

Datacenter most demanded features focus on energy efficiency. Additionally, edge computing installation cases are increasing. Therefore, Weiss becomes the right solution regarding efficiency and space saving concerns. Hydrologic Panel offers you plenty of great advantages.

  • Homogeneous air distribution all over rack height
  • Cooling source nearby heating points
  • Tiles modularity
  • Energy efficiency
  • 10KW capacity per rack
  • Exploitation of free raised floor space
Weiss Doppelbodensysteme GmbH founded in 1975. Specialised in Datacenter Cooling systems.
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