Kontrol Command for Process Control Environments

Our partner Lund Halsey is recognized as one of the leading suppliers for Control Room Furniture worldwide for a wide range of applications. Air Traffic Control, Security, Transport, Defense or Process Control environments.

In effect, among all those vertical markets, Kontrol Command console line is especially conceived for all Process Control activities: Energy infrastructures, Oil&Gas installations, Industrial Processes, among others.

The console design combines stylish ergonomic features with high functionality degree. Therefore, thanks to its modular design, built up of a steel bay system carrying a lifetime warranty, Kontrol Command is easy to install and can accomodate a wide range of accessories, making it the right solution for Process Control Industries.

Know more about why and how Kontrol Command becomes the right solution for your Control and Command Center.

Process Control Requirements

Control Room industrial installations demand of specific requirements for their daily operation. The core and main concern resides on information treatment and processing. Live and changing data for Process Control implies fluctuating scenarios with important consequences. Therefore, the need of deploying the appropriate equipment becomes an essential tool.

Robust and Modular Design

Each console consists of a series of standard bays to form consoles as required and to provide the most ergonomic arrangement for the number of operators and the specified control equipment. Each modular bay is based on an independent modular frame complete with, levelling feet, CPU shelf, hinged rear door, removable front panel and integral cable management.

Kontrol Command gives you the possibility to install all kind of devices inside your console. Standard 19” independent modular bays enables you to allocate PC devices, KVM trays, PDU units or tailored rack frames (up to 10U).

A steel built structure provides console with great robustness. Easy and secure storage space will safely locate all your equipment devices. Additionally, console will count with great stability for the whole HPL (compact laminate made) working surface given its robust structure.

Hinged panels on top of storage space provide an easy access cable management routing. Actually, console design is especifically devoted to integrate different cable routing through the structure, separated by each type.

24/7 Process Control Actvity

Intense usage and 24/7 daily activity entails a set of features for your Control Room Console. Right equipment integration becomes a key factor for the Process Control industry.

For this reason, Kontrol Command easies the integration of monitor screens as per custom requirements: thanks to single and dual monitor arms or additional totems and rails for other screen configurations. Great field of view between operator and monitor screens or further videowalls is completely guaranteed. Thus facilitating information processing.

In addition to this, working surface made of HPL compact laminate counts with highest ergonomic features: 710mm as dedicated working space. HPL compact laminate allows no roughness in surface, as well as avoiding any kind of lightning for operator.

Working surface affords equipment integration on upper surface. Further to this, customised pod compartments located on working surface can be integrated as per personalised configuration. Also, Kontrol Touch units (power outlets) can be deployed near to operator workplace, easing devices connectivity.

Often, Process Control infrastructures imply the joint integratation of consoles with videowall configuration. For this reason, Kontrol Command line takes into account such considerations by adjusting to Human Factors standards for Control Room activity. Likewise, Lund Halsey can provide Videowall monitor stacks or specific solutions to accomodate all kind of Videowalls.

Customer Experience

Customers worldwide have trusted in Lund Halsey Control Room Console solutions. Companies especialised in Energy, Industry, Oil & Gas and Process Control activites have been working with our partner for the supply of specialized technical furniture.

Each Project contains unique requirements in order to achieve highest integration for operator daily work. In effect, Lund Halsey commits to provide you with the right solution for your Control Room.

In short, environments where information processing is a key factor for the right operator work load, Kontrol Command establishes itself as a high-quality solution. Kontrol Command range safely covers screen visualization, free working space, access to connectivity points, all kind equipment integration, among many others.

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