HydroLogic V Panel: In-Floor Cooling System for Datacenter

Long time experience in the IT industry, interacting with all kinds of air conditioning technologies, has led Weiss Doppelbodensysteme GmbH to develop a unique and differential solution for In-floor Datacenter cooling.

By installing Active Panels under raised floor, the entire room overcomes most common difficulties of conventional systems for Datacenter cooling.

This is how the HydroLogic V Panel was born. The 600mmx1200mm tile is located under the raised floor. Thus, optimizing Datacenter footprint space. Likewise, HydroLogic V Panel is in charge of Datacenter cooling thanks to its cold water circuit or, alternatively via Direct Expansion (DX).


Each panel consists of two heat exchangers and four EC fans with a free cross section of 44% surface. The tile can be configured both aspiration function in the hot aisle and / or ventilation mode in the cold aisle.

Active Panels, located under raised floor and placed in front of rack cabinets line, are connected to the main distribution points of the system. Inlet water allows both heat exchangers to cool down air temperature originating in the hot aisle. Following, fans conduct the cooled air back to the cold aisle. Innovative and unique In-floor Datacenter cooling system.

Two different A&B circuits can be installed in order to achieve local redundancy. Active Panels act local for a given area in case there is a lack of or insufficient air flow. Also, it is possible to grow on demand by installating more Active Panels in the corridor, at the exact point where Datacenter may require it.

Two circuit line installation providing great modularity and easing grow on demand

Fans automatically react to temperature changes in rack cabinets. In effect, the reduction or increase of desired airflow can be established based on 2 values. Whether by temperature values or according to air pressure values. This will be previously configurated before shipment.

HydroLogic V Panel Properties

Active Panel tile with 600mmx1200mm format may reach charge loads of up to 40Kw. Designed to perform under 12ºC temperature for inlet water. With a specific V-shaped design to handle possible condensation. Thanks to a lower condensation gravitational control tray, and an optional condensate pump. HydroLogic V Panel incorporates 4 EC turbines with a cooling capacity of up to 40Kw and a maximum consumption of 720w.

Following Weiss Doppelbodensysteme range of Active Panels, our solution has a remarkable modularity capacity for future installation renovations. Notably, such tile provides a great space optimization: Datacenter footprint is entirely devoted to servers hosting in 19” rack cabinets.

Custom settings for air flow control: HydroLogic V Panel can regulate its air flow according to temperature values or by air pressure values. Its adjustment must be defined previous to installation. Such setting grants full air flow control according to corridor needs. Therefore, air flow will be regulated for each area as required. Likewise, regarding external effects such as temperature changes, its effects on Datacenter installation will be reduced.

Control setting systems for Active Panels offer several options. It grants the possibility for remote control, snmp integration, Bacnet, among other options.

3D Rendering for HydroLogic V Panel showing piece per piece

Values & Figures


  • Dimensions: 600mm x 1200mm
  • Thickness: 535mm
  • Topside Material: PVC, HPL, rubber
  • Weight: 80kg
  • Material: Powder-coated Steel
  • Free air outlet: 44%
  • Resistance to ground: < 10⁸ Ohm (Depends on coverings)

Charge Loads:

  • Point load: 3kN
  • Ultimate load: 6kN
  • Height: 600-2000mm


  • Cooling capacity: 40kW
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Power consumption: 720 W
  • Inlet water: 12ºC – 18ºC
  • Water volume: 5,5 m³/h
  • Air supply server temperature: 21°C – 30°C
  • Maximum pressure: 16bar
  • Pressure los: 1 bar max
  • Cooling medium: Water or glycole water mix
HydroLogic V Panel show in real Expo
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