Kontrol Command Console: Specialized Technical Furniture

Kontrol Command 24/7 console range is specifically dedicated to critical infrastructure and intense work environments. Suitable for all kind vertical markets given its ergonomic design. Internal storage space for all equipment devices and easy integration on work surface.

Lund Halsey solutions define themselves by its 24/7 properties. In fact, our partner provides Specialized Technical Furniture solutions for critical environments. Within our Product Brochure, we count with several options for consoles. Among them, our most emblematic console line: Kontrol Command 24/7 Console.

Kontrol Command 24/7 Console for Control Room

The essence of 24/7 consoles places Human Factor as the centrifuge core of its design. Indeed, technology deployed in our specialized technical furniture is put at the service of the operator. This is aimed at achieving a continuous improvement for highest efficiency at workplace, as well as the minimization of human risk factors. Specialized technical furniture must facilitate information visualization and processing so as to guarantee a fast reaction response. And so ensures Lund Halsey.

Kontrol Command range establishes itself as a warranty solution for Control and Command Centers. Its ergonomic design is specifically tailored as per the needs of such facilities. Console structure has a remarkable robustness, allowing the accommodation of all type equipment and cable management. Made of high quality materials. Likewise, it affords an easy accessory integration on work surface.

All this is conceived for the creation of Kontrol Command console: A specific solution for 24/7 activities.

3D Rendering service for Kontrol Command line (Height Adjustable option in image)

Suitable for All Market Verticals

According to its capabilities, Kontrol Command console line is applicable for a variety of industries.

Its composition of independent standard bays in 19” modules provides great flexibility for the console configuration, according to specific requirements of each request. Indeed, each module is provided with CPU racks, front and rear access doors, level legs, internal 10U rack for equipment storage, among other features.

Same occurs regarding cable routing: Kontrol Command internal design includes wiring channels for cable management. In addition, it allows access from the raised floor through entrances on the legs.

In critical spaces where information processing is a key factor, a design focused on human factors and operator activity becomes crucial. Empowering the operator with an easy equipment handling reduces the risk of error, as well as a better decision making process.

In short, its integral conception responds to the needs of Control and Command Centers in critical environments. Following, we can see its application in different industries.


Intended for Militar, Defense or Security activities: thanks to its robust design and its easy equipment integration.

Military and Security facilities can be defined as spaces susceptible to risks, operating in high-pressure situations which demand of rapid reaction and decision timing.

Additionally, the console is provided with a remarkable space for equipment storage. Existing 19” modules enable tray equipment integration according to its standard 19” size. Furthermore, although equipment is fully protected, an easy access is granted thanks to front and rear mobile doors.

Kontrol Command Case Study for Security Installation

Oil & Gas and Process Control

Considered for industries such as Oil & Gas, Energy or Process Control: Process Control activities require of complementary equipment. Thus, these are factors conceived in the console own design.

Also for Energy, Oil&Gas and Process Control it is remarkable the risks reduction in order to achieve a great operator comfort. However, the main issue in these facilities lies on content processing and display. The Kontrol Command, according to its 24/7 use, guarantees the integration of monitors as well as personalized equipment on the work surface. Therefore, ensuring operator efectiveness at workplace.

Process Control workplace with full equipment integration

Transport and ATC (Air Traffic Control)

Kontrol Command also suits for Transport and Air Traffic Management (ATM) industries. The specific needs of such market may require custom designs, the consideration of various integration elements (technical cabinets, cable management, etc.). All this, with height adjustable option, present for all Lund Halsey consoles.

In those markets, specifications regarding equipment and its integration on work surface can require custom configurations. For this reason, Lund Halsey technical furniture ensures an easy integration of all necessary equipment for the highest effectiveness at workplace.

ATC reference installation with customised Console configurations

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All corporate solutions

We are the trusted partner of our collaborators with a wide selection of audiovisual furniture. Together with complementary value-added solutions: executive chairs, acoustic panels, connectivity bases, screen supports.

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