Broadcast Consoles for Control Room

Back in the time, Lund Halsey first technical furniture creation was a specific Broadcast console. Throughout the years, the manufacturer kept innovating and improving its Broadcast Consoles range.

Therefore, at Ergovisual we are specialists for Control Room Solutions in a wide range of vertical markets. In collaboration with our partner Lund Halsey, we provide you with unrivalled Broadcast Consoles for your Edit Studio.

Discover all secrets and features of our e-Type II console range for Broadcast Control Rooms.

Specific Broadcast Consoles

By developing the e-Type II console line, we provide our customers with a high-quality solution complying with current requirements for Broadcast Market. A specific ergonomic design and certified 24/7 quality makes our e-Type II range a distinguishing technical furniture solution for Broadcast Control Rooms.

Modular and Ergonomic Design & Contemporary Materials

Following our Product Brochure, there will be independent 19” bay modules. Thus, providing great modularity and stability capabilities. At the same time, each bay will be able to host your specific Brodacast devices, both on work surface and internal space.

On the one hand, console structure will be made of steel material, ensuring your console stability and robustness. On the other hand, work surface will be made of fenolic compact laminate (HPL). Such material counts with great qualities by preventing from lightings, rougnesses and liquids leaking.

Our goal is to contribute to highest operator efectiveness at workplace. For that reason, we comply with ergonomic standards as per ISO 11064 norm. For this, console height will be of 735mm, 22mm work surface thickness and 750mm area of free leg space.

Storage Space & Cable Management & Sit/Stand Feature

In the base of each bay there will be a 3U rack mount facility for small form PCs and other control equipment which is accessible via front and rear panels.

Likewise, at the rear of each bay a hinged lift up flap provides access to a metal cable tray which includes 2U rack mount sections for PDUs units. In addition, the console legs are hollow and feature removable access panels for ease of wiring and to provide fully concealed vertical cable management.

The E-type II console counts with Sit/Stand option. In order to achieve and comply with most demanding ergonomic and comfort requirements, we provide you with our Height Adjustable feature. You will reach a 1250mm height with a 250kg lifting capacity.

System Displays & Equipment Devices Integration

Broadcast Consoles for TV, Radio and Broadcast Control Rooms have a great need for equipment devices integration. Lund Halsey technical furniture takes this into account. Therefore, turret pod compartments of varying size can easily integrate on work surface. Jointly, there will be a continuous brush strip for keyboard, mice & table cables.

A wide range up to 20 different turret compartments can be installed on work surface, near to operator working area. Thus, easing and improving its performance.

Each console bay shall incorporate a drop down to allow for system displays to be mounted on purpose designed monitor arms. Articulated monitor arms in single, dual or triple mount shall fit monitor screens for both 75mm and 100mm Vesa mounts.

Customer Experience

Many customers all over the world have deployed our specialized furniture for their Broadcast Consoles. In effect, the e-Type II console range offers you with a specifically dedicated solution for Broadcast Markets.

Broadcast requests often require of custom configurations. For this reason, our console design enables you to create your personalised console according to your specific needs.

Improve your performance at workplace by easily integrating your equipment devices. Locate your system displays near to operator area and reduce risks.

Try our free Online Configurator ‘Design My Console’ and create your own e-Type II console.

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