Raised Floor Panel: Calcium Sulfat Panels

Weiss Doppelbodensysteme has a wide experience as Raised Floor solutions provider. Born in 1975, our partner is a specialised manufacturer for Raised Floor Panel, long before introducing its Product range for Cooling Datacenter solutions.

Since its creation, Weiss established as one of the most reliable raised floor manufacturer. A growing demand for dedicated solutions in technical installations, motivated our continuous product development.

In effect, market tendencies demand of innovating solutions according to new installations requirements. Therefore, we count with Calcium Sulfat Panels, one of our high-quality Raised Floor Panel for technical floor solutions.

Calcium Sulfat Panel

Among our Raised Floor Panel brochure, we delve into Calcium Sulfat Panels features.

Those panels are made of calciumsulphate natural material. Also known as gypsum, it is mined in open cast mines. Its core materials are gypsum, water and paper fibers. Thus, providing zero emissions in room space.

Under its 600mm x 600mm format, Panels can easily accomodate to your room space. Even more, if considering our Active Panels range. Additionally, its installation with Type C profiles will contribute with both highest security and functionality.


Raised Floor Panel made of calciumsulphate have extremely high densities and are extrimely rigid. This empowering its deployment in technical environments such as offices, control rooms, Datacenters or tunnel supply systems.

Thanks to its materials, its charge load, its fire resistance and its soundproofing capabilities are exceptional. Furthermore, it grants you with highest flexibility and become the most versatile product range in our portfolio.

At the same time, Calcium Sulfat Panels achieve a load capacity from 1kN to 20kN. Also, as per our customer requirement, we may provide you with custom Panels thickness, ranging from 16mm to 42mm.

Lastly, Calciumsulfat Panels are made of gypsum, material which is applicable with almost every type of covering.

Values and Figures


  • Dimensions: 600mm x 600mm
  • Thickness: 16mm to 42mm
  • Topside: Aluminium foil, steel sheet, PVC, Lino, rubber, parquet, laminate, stone, carpet
  • Bottomside: Aluminium foil, steel sheet
  • System Weight: 40-90 kg / m2
  • Material: Calciumsulfate


  • Typ BS M 16 FFH to: 440mm
  • Typ CS M 20 (24×2) FFH to: 1450mm
  • Typ DS M 20 (26×3) FFH to: 2000mm

Load Bearing Capacity

  • Point Load:1kN to 10kN
  • Ultimate Load: 1 – 6
  • According to DIN EN 12825: 2kN to 20kN

Fire Protection

  • Building Material Class: EN 13501-1 B-S2, D0
  • Fire Resistance Class: EN 1366 bis REI 30
Noise reduction according to DIN EN 10848
Ln,f,wDn,f,w in dBΔLw in dB (Tritt-)R’w in dB
TopsideCarpet (18dB)40672159
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