Control Room Online Configurator “Design My Console”

Our partner Lund Halsey has launched its new tool for your Control Room request. With our free Online Configurator you will have the possibility to customise your own Consoles integrated in your Control Room space.

Build your custom Lund Halsey consoles for each of your market needs.


Discover our Design My Console Configurator

Are you working on a project involving Control and Command Center execution? Design My Console becomes a great tool to preview how our 24/7 solutions will fit into your installation. You will find many advantages by trying our Configurator.

Such tool will enable both your and our team to have a better understanding of each request.

Free 3D Lund Halsey Console Configuration

Our customer will be able to create their specific technical furniture equipment. To do so, consoles show up in a 3D rendering format. Thus, improving the quality for your console visualization.

Such format will work for each of your configuration. Regardless of dimension conditions, need for cable management integration or equipment storing. Our Online Configurator provides you with high-quality resources for your Furniture conception.

Create as many console configuration as you want. You will find no bay limitation to your furniture.

Detailed Equipment and Storing Parts

Design My Console counts with detailed views for every console component. Clear and independent 19” module bays, frame inches, monitor arms, internal space or rear console view. Each piece of furniture offers you a clear and in detail capture.

Move your mouse closer to the preferred part of console and discover its finishes and properties. As part of this, you will have the possibility to view your console both from Open / Closed bay option.

Choose whether to open or close your console vision, this enabling you to imagine Lund Halsey consoles storage capabilities. Additionally, add your custom storage requirements: KVM trays, CPU units, PDU units, rack mount units, among many others.

Likewise, same applies for your equipment on work surface. Allocate all your equipment devices in different sizes. Monitor screens, printer bays, phone devices, laptops, or recurring pod compartments. Edit your turret sizing and see how they fit on your work surface area.

Room Integration

Here comes one of its best assets. Design My Console not only enables you to visualize how your consoles will look. Besides to this, you will have the possibility to place your consoles in an integral Control Room space.

Set your room dimensions and, later, fit in all your creations. Place each console in any part of the room. See how your Control Room will look like.

Download your work

Once you are done with final integration, you can download all your pieces work. Download your console unit by separate, from any angle and by choosing the Open / Closed feature.

Do the same for your Room Integration. Download your entire Room view and visualize your initial Control Room concept.

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