Raised Floor Pedestals: Weiss C-Profile Pedestals

Weiss Doppelbodensysteme GmbH origins refer to exclusive Raised Floor tile solutions. Jointly, raised floor pedestals were part of our partner scope. Thus, providing a wide range of solutions regarding all kind tile supports, such as C-Profile Pedestals.

In effect, our those Pedestals become crucial for the rapid installation of your Raised Floor. At the same time we provide you with high-resistance solutions.

All about C-Profile Pedestals

C-profile Raised Floor pedestals are deployed in technical rooms as servers rooms, electric rooms or areas with high load densities.

Pedestals Operation

The basement consists of steel-made pedestals with exact height adjustable option. It is on top of pedestals where C-profile locate, which are screwed to pedestal basement thanks to hammer head screws.

In effect, thanks to C-type profile, different height levels pedestals (ex: 40mm and 80mm) match each other. Thus, originating a frame for equipment devices such as rack cabinets or cooling units.

C-Type Profile Properties

Steel basements made of high resistance steel to corrosion with height adjustable feature.

When screwing, the installation can adapt, increase or disassemble in case of need. In fact, those C-profile pedestals do not need to be weld. Therefore, a rapid installation process becomes a great advantage for your Datacenter.

The construction will remain stable both horizontally and vertically, even with an opened raised floor. Rack cabinets below area can remain opened, optimizing air or cable routing access.

Regarding future additional updates, during initial installation, back up fields can be built. By provisionally closing them with raised floor tiles.

Optionally, our customer may choose thicker pedestals. Those reaching extrem charge loads up to 20kN.

C-Profile Pedestals Type

Customer Experience

Many customers trust our C-type Pedestals solution for their technical rooms. Provide your installation with full security, stability and resistance. Update and renew your Datacenter. Option for free full cable access under raised floor.

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