Weiss Doppelbodensysteme Datacenter History

At Ergovisual we are specialists for Datacenter solutions. Therefore, in our aim to provide customers with high-quality solutions we rely on the best market partners. In this sense, we want to tell you more about our partner Weiss Doppelbodensysteme Datacenter History.

Early Beginnings

The foundation stone was laid by Dieter Weiss in 1975. Back at this time, Weiss Doppelbodensysteme specialised in the manufacture of Raised Floor systems. Thanks to a continuous and persevering work, the firm became a well-known reference in the market.

To make this possible, the company knew how to adapt their Catalogue to the evolving demand in the sector. Progressive technologization in the telecom sector led to an increasing demand for standarized system floors.

Since then, the company positioned itself in this segment from the very beginning and was able to serve the growing technical market and the demand for flexible interior fittins for office buildings.

In effect, Weiss gained a valuable reputation for high quality products over the years.

Change in Property & New Markets

It was in 2010 when the company Terra Raumtechnik purchased Weiss, within the framework of finding a successor when the company founder entered retirement.

By standing within Weiss original raised floor conceptualisation, the company expanded its presence globally. Thanks to its reliable features, the product was introduced worldwide, at the same time that high quality standard were kept. This process helped Weiss boost its Datacenter History.

As part of this process, it turns out to be obvious that the Weiss Catalogue strictly sticks and follows regional regulations and EN standards.

New Product Line: The Active Panels

At the same time that Weiss raised floor systems expanded its presence, a new product line raised. For this, it began an innovative product development process aimed at new targets. This became a crucial step in the evolution of Weiss Doppelbodensysteme core business.

Particularly focusing on air conditioning and room conditioning sector, the Active Panel Catalogue became the new solution for Datacenter Cooling systems.

In effect, this new product line expands Weiss target, by adding realible solutions for the growing market of Datacenter installations. By means of the deployment of the new In-Floor cooling system, the Active Panel placed under raised floor. Thus saving Datacenter available footprint at rack cabinets.

Ultimately, this new range offer a means of responding precisely to current demands and save energy in the process.

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