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One of Ergovisual biggest values lies on its capacity to provide the right solution to the exact need you have. In effect, we consider ourselves as a solutions provider, focused on Datacenter and Control Room installations.

One of Ergovisual biggest values lies on its capacity to provide the right solution to the exact need you have. In effect, we consider ourselves as a solutions provider, focused on Datacenter & Control Room installations.

Who We Are

Our team has been involved for almost 20 years in international projects for Control Rooms & Datacenters. Therefore, we represent leading companies, vertical oriented, to offer from single product to a comple turnkey solution.

We are the Official Sales Agents of manufacturers or service company. This meaning you can benefit from direct support at any stage of the project and for the entire life of the product without intermediaries. We are your solutions provider.

One of the crucial aspects of this, lies on our partners network. For us it is basic to work with the best partners in their markets. In effect, we commit to the principle of offering the best solution to our clients. In this sense we are happy to work with the following companies.


The UK manufacturer is a long time established company in the Control Room market. Lund Halsey is a global reference in a wide range of vertical markets for the provision of Control Room Technical Furniture.

Its manufacture process locates in its UK headquarters. Indeed its whole Brochure is certified for a 24/7 intense activity thanks to its ergonomic yet stylish designs. As example of this, Lund Halsey consoles count with the outstanding height adjustable feature.


Weiss is our partner for Datacenter solutions. Born as a raised floor systems supplier, Weiss has specialised in the provision of Datacenter cooling solutions.

Its origins as raised floor supplier, enabled the development of the unique In-Floor Cooling system. By placing Active Panel units both at under raised floor or at roof top of hot/cold aisle you can reach a huge space optimization.


We are the Official Sales Agent for the above companies. Nevertheless, we have a wide network of top partners in complimentary markets.

Likewise, we can provide you with the highest quality screens in the market made by the most recognized manufacturer globally.

In addition to this, the design and configuration of your Control Room installation may require of a previous ergonomic study. For this, at Ergovisual we also provide you with access to ergonomic studios which will help you define the ergonomic principles of your Control Center.

Not only this, but also many others solutions can be deployed to meet our customer request. Always by only considering high-quality solutions. We are a solutions provider to our clients.


  • Security & Transport

Our Product Brochure counts with a wide range of console solutions. It is the Kontrol Command console range which meets the requirements of Security environments, such as equipment integration and a robust product.

  • Broadcast

Lund Halsey first work was a dedicated console for a Broadcast studio back in 18983. Still today, the UK company is a global reference in the industry. Currently, the e-Type II console positions as our specific Broadcast console for your Edit Room and Broadcast Control Rooms.

  • Air Traffic Control

ATM market is undoubtly a singular industry with its specific requirements. Especially regarding equipment devices, the Kontrol Command range integrates all required displays. High-quality furniture for the highest operator performance at mission critical environments.

  • Process Control

Oil & Gas installations, Energy, Renewables, Chemicals, etc. All these industries require of surveillance and monitoring equipment. Therefore, counting with 24/7 solutions becomes crucial for your company safety.

  • Datacenter

Such a growing industry is evolving day after day. Same did Weiss with the development of the unique Active Panel units for the Datacenter cooling. Optimize your Datacenter footprint and dedicate rack cabinets to only servers hosting.


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