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Customer worldwide trust in Weiss Doppelbodensysteme solutions. Our Catalogue provides you with reliable solutions for your Datacenter Cooling. By locating our Active Panel under Raised Floor, Datacenter footprint will be completely dedicated to rack cabinets. In-Floor Cooling System grants you with great space optimization.

Customers worldwide trust in Weiss Doppelbodensysteme manufacturing solutions with the aim to achieve best Datacenter Cooling operation. In effect, we are proud to present you some of our Case Studies in different locations.

The innovative In-Floor Cooling system counts with our partners trust. The unique properties of Active Panel contribute to overcome common difficulties for conventional Cooling systems.

Weiss solutions meet the specific demands of each request. Its applicability for the creation, update or improvement has been proven for Datacenters. Especially regarding Datacenter ventilation and cooling capacities.

Case Study for Datacenter Cooling

The main function from HydroLogic Panel is its air cooling capacity. Regarding this case, Active Panels were located in both corridors: cold and hot aisle. Therefore, it becomes a great reference for its ventilation and aspiration display.

DTU Risø Campus

  • Location: Denmark
  • Partner: DTU University
  • Function: Cooling + Additional Load
  • Activity: Research
  • Installation Site: Supercomputer
  • Charge Load: 20Kw / rack
  • Cold / Hot Aisle: Both

DTU Risø Campus expanded its computing power capacity with 524 servers with 16.768 CPUs.

One of the biggest challenges with server rooms is the cooling, given the high packing density of computers. Thus causing a strongly need for heat removal.

The container hosts 30 racks units, which require cooling in a confined space of 500Kw. Target temperatures were set at 37ºC for the hot aisle, and 22ºC for the cold aisle.

The heat dissipation takes place via an active water-chilled Raised Floor system. Those are located both in cold and hot corridors. Control system is displayed thanks to a custom design by Weiss, enabling its operation jointly with other conventional systems.

Cherkizovo Russia

  • Location: Russia
  • Partner: Cherkizovo
  • Function: Cooling
  • Activity: Process Control
  • Installation Site: Own Datacenter
  • Charge Load: 10Kw / rack
  • Cold / Hot Aisle: Both

Among our Case Studies references, this time our partner was in the need of a specific solution in order to overcome its cooling difficulties.

Given its optimization capacity, Active Panel location under raised floor enabled Datacenter footprint to be dedicated for servers hosting.

In effect, it shows HydroLogic Panel suitability for mid and small sized Datacenters. The conjunction between space saving requirements and cooling demand becomes perfectly complemented.

Modular Datacenter

  • Location: Germany
  • Partner: Weiss Doppelbodensysteme
  • Function: Cooling + Space Saving
  • Activity: Demo Installation
  • Installation Site: Modular Datacenter
  • Charge Load: 10Kw / rack
  • Cold / Hot Aisle: Hot

Current Datacenter requirements have a great need for space optimization. This applies to our Case Studies.

Likewise it exists a steady need to locate such installations in populated areas. That is to say, locations with high space costs. Consequently, Modular Datacenters and Containers turn into a great solution.

Therefore, HydroLogic Panel developed by Weiss becomes a great solution in terms of space optimization, as well as ensuring a great energetic efficiency tool.

In this case, Active Panel locates under Raised Floor by aspiring hot air in the hot aisle. Next, each Panel unit cools down air temperature. Eventually, cooled air is ventilated towards rack cabinets at cold aisle.


Weiss Doppelbodensysteme Product Brochure fits your current demands for Datacenter industry.

Its properties and features convert HydroLogic Panel as the right solution for its deployment and performance in Datacenter. Our product provides you with a wide range of advantages:

  • Datacenter Cooling
  • Additonal charge loads in complement with conventional systems
  • Location at: Cold Aisle / Hot Aisle / BOTH
  • Space Optimization for Mid & Small Size Datacenters
  • Great performance at Modular / Container Datacenter
  • Energy efficiency

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