All about new 24/7 Visionline Console by Lund Halsey

Within our Control Room Brochure we can proudly deliver you a wide range of specialized technical furniture. Among it, we are happy to present you our Partner last launching: Visionline Console.

Visionline Console presents itself as a new console serie for 24/7 environments. This serie confirms our partner position as a world leading manufacturer for Control Room Consoles. With the new product, Lund Halsey sticks its commitment to achieve the highest ergonomic, design and operability requirements. Considering the Human Factor in the core of our activty.

New Visionline Console for Control Centers

The new console line will help us to better understand our customers needs. Control Centers necessities keep changing and so is doing Lund Halsey. The new console line enables us to match upcoming tendencies in the market.

With a fast-growing trend to conceive Control Room installations with every time less integrated equipment. Visionline is aimed at providing a state-of-the-art solution. Our new solution will prove to be an excellent option for the integration of remote equipment devices, Thin Clients, KVM equipment, among many others.

Therefore, we are glad to show you all secrets of our new Visionline 24/7 Console.

Ergonomic Design

Visionline keeps Lund Halsey 24/7 category for all its specialized technical furniture. Under this assumption, console is specifically designed to guarantee the highest efectiveness at operator workplace.

Work surface dimensions will comply with ISO 11064 standards. This means a nominally height of 735mm for the work surface. A 750mm space will be dedicated to free leg space in order to improve operator comfortability.

Additionally, console range will be also equipped with the Height Adjustable feature. Such option is a high-appreciated given its easying for the best operator effectiveness. In conclusion, Visionline reaches the most demanding ergonomic guidelines.

Equipment integration will be no concern for our customers. Articulated monitor arm for different sizes, screen totems, specific rails or customised compartment pods can be perfectly accomodate on console work surface.

Specific ergonomic design for best operator effectiveness

Equipment Storage

The new console is specifically conceived for reduced equipment installations. Dedicated storage space will be able to host equipment devices inside 19” modules. Locate your KVM devices, Thin Clients, or additional remote equipment inside console.

Console modularity establishes itself as a key factor by ensuring a great comfortability at workplace. This also concerns the possibility to easily integrate all kind of equipment both on worktop surface and hosting area. Cable management is also covered thanks to specific channels integrated at console structure and lateral panels.

In case further equipment needs to be allocated, you can count with technical cabinets option. Inbetween cabinets can be installed within console positions. This will provide console with additional stability as well as hosting space.

Locate your equipment inside console storage space

Our Conclusion

Increasingly demands of limited access to private equipment, high security installations, among others, contribute to separate equipment from Control Room area.

Therefore, Visionline Console appears as the right solution. While keeping 24/7 features it also provides you with a realiable solution for emergency situations, high-pressure context or decision-making spaces.

Try our 3D rendering services for your Visionline installation

Specialized technical furniture 24/7 for critical infrastructures

Lund Halsey technical furniture is especially designed for control romos spaces. This meaning product features comply with the highest requirements for such environments.

Based and manufactured in the UK, our partner is specialised in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art solutions for critical infrastructures. Or partner combines heritage with innovation, using the latest materials and state of the art processes to create functional yet stylish console solutions.

Existing emergency and pressure elements are part of daily Control Room activity, these requiring of the highest guarantees for the room equipment. Therefore, 24/7 console solution turn into a key factor in order to achieve a fast decision time and a better operationality.

Many issues come to play. All of them are taken into consideration under Lund Halsey technical furniture. Check them.

High-end Materials

Each console is made of two main materials. On the one hand, console structure is built in steel, being in charge of console stability and storage functions. On the other hand, compact laminate material (HPL) is destined to operator work surface given its resistance and durability.

Compact laminate easies operator work environment given the absence of any kind of roughness. Furhter to preventing from lightning discomforts on surface. HPL counts with a 12mm thick work surface, as per international standard EN13986, with corner sections with curved angled consoles.

Among its features, console materials prove efficient against disinfectant liquids nor abrasive components. Additonally, Lund Halsey technical furniture is tested fire proof in case of emergency against high degree temperatures.

Work operator surface made of HPL compact laminate with steel made console structure

Ergonomic Design

One of the key factors of 24/7 consoles is aimed at the easing and ensuring operator activity. For this, it is required an ergonomic design providing the highest operability and commodity in workplace. Most recent industry tendencies are increasingly focusing on such requirements.

Work surface height will nominally be 735mm, complying with ISO 11064 standards. Likewise, Lund Halsey provides a minimum 710mm area for working space. Same applies in terms of free leg space with 750mm of dedicated area.

Specific ergonomic design complying with highest Human Factor standards

Angle vision towards monitor screens does not exceed the appropriate field of vision: thanks to articulated monitor arms, totems or specific rails which improve field vision; this also applying in case of videowall monitors.

Height Adjustable feature is available for all console range. Such option improves workplace customisation according to specific needs. Additionally, it reports important benefits in terms of operator health and well-being at workplace.

Generally, Lund Halsey complies with Human Factors standards established under ISO 11064 international guidelines.

Equipment Storage

Our manufacturer console range counts with a modular design. Thus, providing a great modularity according to custom requirements for each request. Indeed, console consists of a series of 19” standard bays as well as custom sizes modules. Those bays contribute to a great storage space for all equipment devices.

Console modularity for easy equipment storage

Specialised technical furniture is also supplied with cable management solutions with easy access removable panels. Specifically designed and integrated within side panels and all over central beam exist dedicated cable management sections. All providing cable separation as per each type.

An easy access to storage equipment is provided via rear and front access doors with no affectation in case of reparation. Also, console enables cable access and integration coming from raised floor thanks to specific entrances located on console base.

Lastly, it is important to outline a specific design for devices integration on work surface: articulated monitor arms for different sizes, pod compartments, connectivity panels, Broadcast mixers, among many others.

Specific design for cable management and equipment storage

Lund Halsey, our Partner for 24/7 Control Room Console

After a storm comes a calm. We are happy to announce you that we are back to work at 100%. For this, we present you our Control Room Console solutions.

Our manufacturing partner Lund Halsey counts with more than 35 years of experience in international markets. Providing 24/7 Control Room Console, Lund Halsey has been the preferred partner for all kind of critical environments by customers all around the world.

Current requirements for 24/7 environments need to meet the highest safety, ergonomic or design standards. Our specialized manufacturing partner Lund Halsey is deeply aware of it. Therefore, we are proud to deliver you a complete Control Room Console Brochure. Our Brochure covers all vertical market needs with state-of-the-art consoles. Find more about them below.

KONTROL COMMAND: Especially designed for Security, Process Control, Utilities, Air Traffic Management (ATM) or Transport environments. Kontrol Command counts with great modular design and smart storage equipment space for all critical infrastructures needs.

VISIONLINE: The most recent launching. Visionline console provides you with a certified 24/7 solution. Ideal for small and remote equipment while keeping Lund Halsey high quality standards.

E-TYPE II: Lund Halsey first console project was a dedicated Broadcast studio console. After 35 years of experience, the company still provides the leading technology for Broadcast installations thanks to e-Type II serie.

SIT/STAND: Ergonomic requirements are improving day after day. Same occurs with our consoles. The sit/stand feature enables work operators to adjust console height according to their demands. All our consoles are equipped with the Sit/Stand option.

World ATM Congress 2020 – Madrid Notice of Cancellation

The Most relevant ATM industry event has just been cancelled. However, the ERGOVISUAL team will be in Madrid during the week for personal meetings and demonstrations.

Please, contact us at to schedule your meeting.

As the Industry leaders for ATC Consoles, we will keep supporting our Partners and pushing to reinforce our presence in Global Markets.

Kind Regards

Samuel Jiménez

LUND HALSEY at World ATM Congress · 10-12th March 2020· Madrid, Spain

LUND HALSEY, the Industry leader in the Design & Manufacture of Control room consoles, will be participating again at World ATM Congress 2020, to be held from 10-12th March in Madrid .

This year, LUND HALSEY will present a brand New console specially designed for Tower, Simulation and specific positions like Pseudopilot.

The new console is the result of a long Development process, putting together the wide know khow in International Projects for ATM of Lund Halsey, supported by a Great Team of specialists. The Direct feedback from ATM System Integrators and End Users has been transmitted directly from Sales to Industrial Designers to develop an ATC console ready to fulfill today’s requirements in ATC industry.

In order to provide a unique solution for each project, we spend many time to understand the singular operation and requirements of End Esers and ATM system integrators. This is part of our unique service to offer bespoke Air Traffic Consoles for Towers, Radar consoles, Approach consoles, Supervisor consoles, and Simulation Consoles.

But airports requirements are more than just consoles for Tower or Radar consoles. We have a large experience working on International projects for Airport Operations Control Centers

The join experience of ERGOVISUAL and LUND HALSEY is by far the biggest Asset that we put at your service. We perfectly uderstand how Ergonomic Design of Control Rooms with a Human Centered Design, is a key point to implement bespoke solutions for Security Control Rooms, Crisis Rooms and Command Centers.

Since October 2018, ERGOVISUAL is Official Sales Agent of LUND HALSEY and will be supporting the Team during the event WATM Congress 2020 in Madrid.

Meet us at STAND 1212.

LUND HALSEY Console Configurator


Lund Halsey has launched a unique and picture realistic 3dConsole configurator online.

It is one of the greatest tools that makes Lund Halsey and their consoles for Control Rooms so unique.

Through the configurator you will discover the Great modularity and flexibility of Lund Halsey’s consoles, together with the Great available space dedicated to host active equipment and cable management.

Besides the possibility to configure each of your consoles, you can also create the layout of the room.

What else do you need?

ERGOVISUAL is an Official Sales agent for Lund Halsey, with more than 17 years experience in the Control room Market.

Process control · Broadcast · Security · Air Traffic Management · Traffic ·


Ready for an exciting ISE2020!

Are you attending Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam?

ERGOVISUAL, the specialized Sales agency for Control Rooms and Datacenters is supporting our Great partner @Lund Halsey!

Despite all traffic problems, storms, virus and any other situation you could imagine, we are here shaking hands and demonstrating why Lund Halsey is the best console systems for your Control Room.

From 11th to 14th February you will find us at HALL15, Stand N-280

Lund Halsey is presenting the New Console Range VISIONLINE, a vanguardist design ready for the most demanding requirements in modern control rooms.

Smart Design, personality, and an incredible Delivery time are the key elements for such a successfull Control Room console.

Meet us at Integrated Systems Europe

LUND HALSEY Hall 15, Stand N-280

New VISIONLINE Console from LundHalsey to be presented at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE). Hall15 Booth N-280

Lund Halsey, specialist producer of technical furniture and console sytems for control rooms and command centers since 1983, will present the new console Range VISIONLINE. Vsionline is specifically designed to achieve the Best performance and Human Machine Integration in modern Control Room Mission critical facilities.

ERGOVISUAL – Control Rooms & Datacenters Sales Agency, as Sales Agent for Lund Halsey Samuel Jiménez will be supporting the Great Team Will Lund; Jiri Vetrovec; Charles Evett, from Lund Halsey during the Exhibition.

Come to discover the latest Solutions for Control Rooms!

Hall15 Booth N-280 Book a Meeting at: