High-Quality Materials for Technical Furniture

Critical environments such as Control and Command Centers require of specific solutions to perform in high pressure scenarios. Due to this, world leading manufacturer Lund Halsey only considers high-quality material for Technical Furniture.

By deploying resistant, durable and contemporary materials, Lund Halsey provides our customers with 24/7 certified solutions. Therefore, becoming the right partner for the configuration of your technical furniture equipment. Know more about it as follows.

24/7 Technical Furniture Materials

Our console range is made of two main materials. On the one hand, a robust and stable structure made of steel. On the other hand, an ergonomic work surface made in compact laminate.

Steel Modular Bays

The console design conceives a series of standard bays to form consoles as required according to the number of operators and control equipment. Steel material guarantees an outstanding robustness for all kind of equipment integration, as well as ensuring high safety conditions for the operator performance.

Such steel structure ensures a great furniture stability for the whole console length. There will be no risk of structure folding at the same time you may locate equipment devices both inside console and at worktop. Internal storing spaces and compartments (this including rack frames, shelves, connectivity boxes or cable routing accesses) are all made of steel material.

The deployment of high-quality materials technical furniture enables us to reach high standard solutions.

Compact Laminate Work Surface

HPL compact laminate has become a distinguishing feature for high-quality materials technical furniture. For this, operator work surface will have a 12mm thick surface, as per standard EN13896.

Additionally, compact laminate offers you with esteemed tributs, such as the possibility of lighting against the operator. Also, given its non porous property, no liquid leakage will damage the surface. Further, HPL compact laminate is an abrasive material, thus providing a high-resistance cappability for the console.

Aluminium Frames

Console frames will be fabricated from 1,6mm and 2mm together with contrasting aluminium components. Thus improving console aesthetics as well as protecting furniture edges.

Console Finishes

Work surface edges will be contoured and the corners will carry a radius. Console frames will be finished with a mild steel powder coated in standard RAL 7012.

A wide range of color finishes will be available. By default, console side panels, doors & work surface are manufactured in light & dark grey. As option, customer can select additional color finishes according to their preferred configuration.

24/7 Chairs for Control and Command Centers

Critical environments such as Control Room installations require of highest technology. At Lund Halsey, this applies not only for technical furniture, but also for our chairs equipment. We are specialists in 24/7 Chairs for Control and Command Centers.

Our Product Brochure provides you with a wide range of solutions. Thus helping our customer to find the appropriate solution for its enquiry.

Why 24/7 Chairs?

As work evolves, and we become more active, shifting from individual to collaborative work in an instant, we need tools designed to be as agile as our work style.

Support for seated movement starts with a flexible, yet supportive chair that allows your body to move freely and naturally.

High-Quality features

Why are 24/7 chairs truly needed? There exist many arguments which gives answer to this question. Here are some.

Full height adjustable

Configurate your preferred height according to your body charactersitics.

Back recline effect

Our high-intese use chairs is equipped with a counter-balance mechanism providing perfect recline resistance for its user.

Self-locking recline mechanism

Set and block your preferred tension and recline position according to your body weight while keeping full support throughout movement.

Pivoting backrest

Backrest automatically moves with the user offering perfect lumbar comfort in all positions.

Contoured cushions

Reduction of pressure points by close sculpted design following body’s shape.

Headrest equipment

Cradle your head and neck during recline thanks to its dynamic support.

Meeting and Crisis Desks for Control Rooms

Ergovisual has a wide range of solutions in technical furniture. Its Catalogue goes further to console technical furniture for Control Rooms. Within its Brochure, we offer you Corporate, Meeting and Crisis Desks solutions.

This product range maintains the quality and properties of Lund Halsey solutions. Likewise, these are conceived for its installation in critical environments with decision-making.

Tables for Meeting and Conference Rooms

The product line includes standard solutions as well as solutions with customized designs as required. The product design maintains Lund Halsey high-quality standards. Manufacturing process is carried out in the UK production facility.

Lund Halsey Meeting and Crisis Desks series combines in harmony different elements to match the interior design criterias for a sophisticated and modern space ready to be in use for long periods.

Cutting-Edge Materials & Ergonomic Features

Cutting-edge materials give shape to our ergonomic desks. Built in reinforced metal structure covered with 12mm compact laminate surface. Whole desk will remain united thanks to a complete metal structure.

Its design maintains its functional vocation combining a modern conception with ergonomic features. Therefore, desk corners will have contoured edge with a radius. This in order to minimize the blood’s pressures of the operators.

Work surface height will be 735mm as well as ensuring a 5500mm area for leg space, both complying with EN13986 standards.

Modular Design

Based on a series of modular components Lund Halsey Meeting and Crisis Desks serie is ready to improve the collaboration tasks and interaction between the users. Thanks to a wide range of accessories like integrated monitors, collaboration matrix, custom dedicated power & Data bases.

Each desk will count with removable panels, in compact laminates 12mm, to get access to central area. Central area will allow the hosting of active equipment, cable entries from raised floor, computer integration, KVM units allocation and other electronic devices.

In addition, a minimum interior space of 400mm to allocate electronic devices. Also, the desk will be equipped with cable management routes internally. As option, customer may allocate rack mount inserts inside desk central area.

State-of-the-art Design

Our desks range distinguishes not only for its functional and modular features, but also for an aesthetically attractive design. Customer may select its preferred desks finishes from our wide catalogue. Customise your Conference and Meeting Room by including your company logo in a low voltage LED strip lighting.

Clients globally trust the quality and reliability of this product line for their facilities. Trust our Lund Halsey partner solutions and discover why.

All about Lund Halsey Technical Furniture Accessories

Lund Halsey solutions offer our customers with a large amount of applicabilities. Among them, the allocation of technical furniture accessories in order to deliver our customer with the desired console configuration.

Our Control Room Consoles cover a wide range of markets. In effect, Lund Halsey technical furniture contains all features needed for the deployment of additional accessories into its infrastructure.


Lund Halsey consoles comply with current requirements for the conception of Control Room installations. Thus, helping operator to improve its performance at workplace, as well as reaching highest comfort.

PDU Units

Console structure is conceived in an integral way. We are aware of the need to place connection sockets near equipment devices.

Therefore, Lund Halsey furniture contains specific compartments for PDU units storage. Located within console internal space right below monitor screens it also provides an easy connection for internal equipment devices.

Monitor Arms

Monitor arms are a key element within Control Room environments. In effect, screens become crucial for information processing and fast reaction timings. Lund Halsey console range considers the need of its integration. All our monitor arms will fit VESA standards for monitor screens.

Specific slots are placed on the top of console structure. Those help to integrate all kind and size of monitor screens. Likewise, it allows customer to create their own configuration according to its specific requirement.

Further to this, customer can be provided with the most appropriate arm version. In option, Kontrol Monitor Arm grants you with both great stability and flexibility. As option as well, e-Type Monitor Arm is specifically conceived for Broadcast installations.

Totems and Plasma Stands

Large size screens can also accomodate at Lund Halsey consoles. Also specific screens configurations will fit into your console design. For this, we count with our Electronically Height Adjustable Totem.

Such totem integrates within main console structure. It ensures highest resistance and security for the deployment of large size screens and custom configurations. In addition, its height adjustable feature will enable you to adapt screens position according to your preferred configuration.

Mostly for Meeting and Conference Rooms, single screens can also be deployed. When discussing, showing presentations, or sharing information, our Kudo Stack Stand will host your large size screens.

Kontrol Touch

Kontrol Touch becomes one of distinctive Lund Halsey accessories. Our connection box can perfectly fit on work surface, close to working area.

Customer can choose to be provided with open surface option or with rotating feature. By flashing your hand over Kontrol Touch, this will open and provide operator with its sockets connection.

Interchangeable Pods

Work surface of the console may need to include customised equipment devices. Lund Halsey technical furniture design takes all this into account.

Your console may need to allocate telephone devices, Broadcast mixers, ATC radars, among many others. Therefore, the console will be supplied with interchangeable metal pods to accomodate those items. In case of future modifications or changes, customer will be able to move it with no major difficulties.

In conclusion, Lund Halsey technical furniture offers you with plenty of accessories solutions. Thus, providing you with great modularity as well as custom configurations according to your specific requirements.

All this, granted with highest ergonomic standards and the ease to improve operator performance at workplace.

Height Adjustable Control Room Consoles

Ergonomic requirements for the creation of Control and Command Centers evolve day after day. Our partner and specialised manufacturer Lund Halsey is aware of it. Therefore, its whole 24/7 Console range count with Height Adjustable option.

Indeed, Sit/Stand feature easies operator performance at workplace. There exist several advantages accompanied by such resource.

Benefits of Working with Sit/Stand feature

Contrary to some beliefs, humand body is conceived to be in motion, instead of being immobile. Hence, many advantages arise from height adjustable solution. Let’s see them.

  • Back pain reduction: Work environments such as offices, boost the risk of suffering back pains. For this reason, the possibility to work both in Sit/Stand position reduces back and neck suffering. In this way speaks the ‘Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’ (CDC).
  • Improvement of your body and emotional wellbeing: HA consoles ease operator stress and fatigue levels. As a result, operator will have higher energetic levels.
  • Productivity Increase: Against arguments claiming a lower productivity given its lack of habits, you may reach higher efficiency rates. In fact, The higher comfort at workplace, the higher productivity.
  • Cardiovascular risks reduction: Working in a fixed position exponentially raises cardiovascular accidents. Meanwhile our Sit/Stand adjustment considerably reduces its effects.
  • Larger life expectancy: According to above stated, work in motion improves your general health condition. Specifically by boosting a larger life expectancy.
  • Lastly, in a more cautious way, standing position at workplace benefits your weight loss given higher calorie burning levels.

Height Adjustable feature at Lund Halsey Consoles

Lund Halsey entire 24/7 Console brochure is supplied with our Sit/Stand tool. Such solution consists of an easy control setting for the height fixing. Likewise, it complies with Control and Command Centers ergonomic standards, already obligatory in some countries.

Console design counts with lifting columns: 2 of them at side panels, 1 in each lateral; together with 1 lifting column en in the middle of structure. Additionally, console includes energy chains for the cable routing in case of working in Stand position.

Effectively, our robust and modular design integrates with lifting columns in order to provide highest stability at work surface.

As per ISO 11064 international norm for Control Rooms, console height will be nominally 735mm. Meanwhile for standing position you may reach 1200mm height, or 1250mm for Visionline range.

Height adjustable control system can be easily set. A button at console corner lets you define the exact height which the operator will mark.

Kontrol Command

e-Type II


Broadcast Consoles for Control Room

Back in the time, Lund Halsey first technical furniture creation was a specific Broadcast console. Throughout the years, the manufacturer kept innovating and improving its Broadcast Consoles range.

Therefore, at Ergovisual we are specialists for Control Room Solutions in a wide range of vertical markets. In collaboration with our partner Lund Halsey, we provide you with unrivalled Broadcast Consoles for your Edit Studio.

Discover all secrets and features of our e-Type II console range for Broadcast Control Rooms.

Specific Broadcast Consoles

By developing the e-Type II console line, we provide our customers with a high-quality solution complying with current requirements for Broadcast Market. A specific ergonomic design and certified 24/7 quality makes our e-Type II range a distinguishing technical furniture solution for Broadcast Control Rooms.

Modular and Ergonomic Design & Contemporary Materials

Following our Product Brochure, there will be independent 19” bay modules. Thus, providing great modularity and stability capabilities. At the same time, each bay will be able to host your specific Brodacast devices, both on work surface and internal space.

On the one hand, console structure will be made of steel material, ensuring your console stability and robustness. On the other hand, work surface will be made of fenolic compact laminate (HPL). Such material counts with great qualities by preventing from lightings, rougnesses and liquids leaking.

Our goal is to contribute to highest operator efectiveness at workplace. For that reason, we comply with ergonomic standards as per ISO 11064 norm. For this, console height will be of 735mm, 22mm work surface thickness and 750mm area of free leg space.

Storage Space & Cable Management & Sit/Stand Feature

In the base of each bay there will be a 3U rack mount facility for small form PCs and other control equipment which is accessible via front and rear panels.

Likewise, at the rear of each bay a hinged lift up flap provides access to a metal cable tray which includes 2U rack mount sections for PDUs units. In addition, the console legs are hollow and feature removable access panels for ease of wiring and to provide fully concealed vertical cable management.

The E-type II console counts with Sit/Stand option. In order to achieve and comply with most demanding ergonomic and comfort requirements, we provide you with our Height Adjustable feature. You will reach a 1250mm height with a 250kg lifting capacity.

System Displays & Equipment Devices Integration

Broadcast Consoles for TV, Radio and Broadcast Control Rooms have a great need for equipment devices integration. Lund Halsey technical furniture takes this into account. Therefore, turret pod compartments of varying size can easily integrate on work surface. Jointly, there will be a continuous brush strip for keyboard, mice & table cables.

A wide range up to 20 different turret compartments can be installed on work surface, near to operator working area. Thus, easing and improving its performance.

Each console bay shall incorporate a drop down to allow for system displays to be mounted on purpose designed monitor arms. Articulated monitor arms in single, dual or triple mount shall fit monitor screens for both 75mm and 100mm Vesa mounts.

Customer Experience

Many customers all over the world have deployed our specialized furniture for their Broadcast Consoles. In effect, the e-Type II console range offers you with a specifically dedicated solution for Broadcast Markets.

Broadcast requests often require of custom configurations. For this reason, our console design enables you to create your personalised console according to your specific needs.

Improve your performance at workplace by easily integrating your equipment devices. Locate your system displays near to operator area and reduce risks.

Try our free Online Configurator ‘Design My Console’ and create your own e-Type II console.

Control Room Online Configurator “Design My Console”

Our partner Lund Halsey has launched its new tool for your Control Room request. With our free Online Configurator you will have the possibility to customise your own Consoles integrated in your Control Room space.

Build your custom Lund Halsey consoles for each of your market needs.


Discover our Design My Console Configurator

Are you working on a project involving Control and Command Center execution? Design My Console becomes a great tool to preview how our 24/7 solutions will fit into your installation. You will find many advantages by trying our Configurator.

Such tool will enable both your and our team to have a better understanding of each request.

Free 3D Lund Halsey Console Configuration

Our customer will be able to create their specific technical furniture equipment. To do so, consoles show up in a 3D rendering format. Thus, improving the quality for your console visualization.

Such format will work for each of your configuration. Regardless of dimension conditions, need for cable management integration or equipment storing. Our Online Configurator provides you with high-quality resources for your Furniture conception.

Create as many console configuration as you want. You will find no bay limitation to your furniture.

Detailed Equipment and Storing Parts

Design My Console counts with detailed views for every console component. Clear and independent 19” module bays, frame inches, monitor arms, internal space or rear console view. Each piece of furniture offers you a clear and in detail capture.

Move your mouse closer to the preferred part of console and discover its finishes and properties. As part of this, you will have the possibility to view your console both from Open / Closed bay option.

Choose whether to open or close your console vision, this enabling you to imagine Lund Halsey consoles storage capabilities. Additionally, add your custom storage requirements: KVM trays, CPU units, PDU units, rack mount units, among many others.

Likewise, same applies for your equipment on work surface. Allocate all your equipment devices in different sizes. Monitor screens, printer bays, phone devices, laptops, or recurring pod compartments. Edit your turret sizing and see how they fit on your work surface area.

Room Integration

Here comes one of its best assets. Design My Console not only enables you to visualize how your consoles will look. Besides to this, you will have the possibility to place your consoles in an integral Control Room space.

Set your room dimensions and, later, fit in all your creations. Place each console in any part of the room. See how your Control Room will look like.

Download your work

Once you are done with final integration, you can download all your pieces work. Download your console unit by separate, from any angle and by choosing the Open / Closed feature.

Do the same for your Room Integration. Download your entire Room view and visualize your initial Control Room concept.

Specialized Consoles for Air Traffic Control Furniture

Lund Halsey is a world leading manufacturer for Specialized Furniture solutions in Control Room environments. Thanks to its 24/7 essence, our Product Brochure covers a wide range of vertical markets. One of our niche markets refers to ATM installations. Lund Halsey provides you with specific Air Traffic Control Furniture.

Specific 24/7 ATM Console Solutions

The configuration of ATC Control and Command Centers require of specific demands. Customised designs or specific equipment devices integration are key issues in our projects. We provide you with high-quality console solutions.

Ergonomic Design & High-Quality Materials

Our whole product range is conceived according to highest ergonomic standards for the best operator efectiveness at workplace. Therefore, our designs comply with ISO11064 international standards. For this, work surface height reaches ergonomic 735mm standard. Likewise, 750mm depth space dedicates to free leg space, for operator comfort.

Same applies for manufacturing materials. Console structure will be made of steel providing great stability and resistence. For the work surface, HPL (compact fenolic laminate) will cover operator work area, preventing from liquid, roughness presence or solar lighting.

Height Adjustable Consoles

Following current ergonomic requirements, Height Adjustable feature becomes an essential asset for your ATC Tower Control installation.

Our Air Traffic Control Furniture range is provided with Height Adjustable regulation. Thanks to 4 lifting columns: 1 in each side panel, and 2 in middle of console structure, our specialized furniture grants you with full control, resistence and stability.

Achieving a 1250mm height dimensions, our solution enables you to reach a 250KG of lifting capacity.

Equipment Storage & Cable Management

Console internal space grants you with a great storage capability. Each independent module bay can store 19” equipment devices with a maximum 10U rack height. Such compartment counts with easy rear and front access via removable panels. In effect, KVMs trays, CPU units, PDU units and further equipment will be accomodated within storage space.

Our ATM Consoles design consider the need of cable routing. Specific cable management routing cover whole console length, with differentiated paths as per each cable type.

Side panels also count with cable entries on its level feet. Additional technical cabinets may be provided with cable entries on its feet.

Monitor Integration & Work Surface Equipment

Monitor arms locate in the rear surface of the console, at a 660mm height from floor. Our specialized furniture can host different sizes screens. Ranging from single and dual monitor arms to specific rail and totems, each adjusting to your specific screen configuration and sizing.

Specifically for Air Traffic Control projects, equipment devices allocate right on work surface. Leaning pod compartments with different rack unit sizing accomodate near operator work area.

Additional and custom equipment devices can be placed on operator work area as well. Especially regarding VCS screens, which will be via fixed supports. This also refers to Radio Devices for communication systems, headphones allocation, phone devices, emergency buttons, additional screens, among many others.

Kontrol Command Console: Specialized Technical Furniture

Lund Halsey solutions define themselves by its 24/7 properties. In fact, our partner provides Specialized Technical Furniture solutions for critical environments. Within our Product Brochure, we count with several options for consoles. Among them, our most emblematic console line: Kontrol Command 24/7 Console.

Kontrol Command 24/7 Console for Control Room

The essence of 24/7 consoles places Human Factor as the centrifuge core of its design. Indeed, technology deployed in our specialized technical furniture is put at the service of the operator. This is aimed at achieving a continuous improvement for highest efficiency at workplace, as well as the minimization of human risk factors. Specialized technical furniture must facilitate information visualization and processing so as to guarantee a fast reaction response. And so ensures Lund Halsey.

Kontrol Command range establishes itself as a warranty solution for Control and Command Centers. Its ergonomic design is specifically tailored as per the needs of such facilities. Console structure has a remarkable robustness, allowing the accommodation of all type equipment and cable management. Made of high quality materials. Likewise, it affords an easy accessory integration on work surface.

All this is conceived for the creation of Kontrol Command console: A specific solution for 24/7 activities.

3D Rendering service for Kontrol Command line (Height Adjustable option in image)

Suitable for All Market Verticals

According to its capabilities, Kontrol Command console line is applicable for a variety of industries.

Its composition of independent standard bays in 19” modules provides great flexibility for the console configuration, according to specific requirements of each request. Indeed, each module is provided with CPU racks, front and rear access doors, level legs, internal 10U rack for equipment storage, among other features.

Same occurs regarding cable routing: Kontrol Command internal design includes wiring channels for cable management. In addition, it allows access from the raised floor through entrances on the legs.

In critical spaces where information processing is a key factor, a design focused on human factors and operator activity becomes crucial. Empowering the operator with an easy equipment handling reduces the risk of error, as well as a better decision making process.

In short, its integral conception responds to the needs of Control and Command Centers in critical environments. Following, we can see its application in different industries.


Intended for Militar, Defense or Security activities: thanks to its robust design and its easy equipment integration.

Military and Security facilities can be defined as spaces susceptible to risks, operating in high-pressure situations which demand of rapid reaction and decision timing.

Additionally, the console is provided with a remarkable space for equipment storage. Existing 19” modules enable tray equipment integration according to its standard 19” size. Furthermore, although equipment is fully protected, an easy access is granted thanks to front and rear mobile doors.

Kontrol Command Case Study for Security Installation

Oil & Gas and Process Control

Considered for industries such as Oil & Gas, Energy or Process Control: Process Control activities require of complementary equipment. Thus, these are factors conceived in the console own design.

Also for Energy, Oil&Gas and Process Control it is remarkable the risks reduction in order to achieve a great operator comfort. However, the main issue in these facilities lies on content processing and display. The Kontrol Command, according to its 24/7 use, guarantees the integration of monitors as well as personalized equipment on the work surface. Therefore, ensuring operator efectiveness at workplace.

Process Control workplace with full equipment integration

Transport and ATC (Air Traffic Control)

Kontrol Command also suits for Transport and Air Traffic Management (ATM) industries. The specific needs of such market may require custom designs, the consideration of various integration elements (technical cabinets, cable management, etc.). All this, with height adjustable option, present for all Lund Halsey consoles.

In those markets, specifications regarding equipment and its integration on work surface can require custom configurations. For this reason, Lund Halsey technical furniture ensures an easy integration of all necessary equipment for the highest effectiveness at workplace.

ATC reference installation with customised Console configurations

Kontrol Command for Process Control Environments

Our partner Lund Halsey is recognized as one of the leading suppliers for Control Room Furniture worldwide for a wide range of applications. Air Traffic Control, Security, Transport, Defense or Process Control environments.

In effect, among all those vertical markets, Kontrol Command console line is especially conceived for all Process Control activities: Energy infrastructures, Oil&Gas installations, Industrial Processes, among others.

The console design combines stylish ergonomic features with high functionality degree. Therefore, thanks to its modular design, built up of a steel bay system carrying a lifetime warranty, Kontrol Command is easy to install and can accomodate a wide range of accessories, making it the right solution for Process Control Industries.

Know more about why and how Kontrol Command becomes the right solution for your Control and Command Center.

Process Control Requirements

Control Room industrial installations demand of specific requirements for their daily operation. The core and main concern resides on information treatment and processing. Live and changing data for Process Control implies fluctuating scenarios with important consequences. Therefore, the need of deploying the appropriate equipment becomes an essential tool.

Robust and Modular Design

Each console consists of a series of standard bays to form consoles as required and to provide the most ergonomic arrangement for the number of operators and the specified control equipment. Each modular bay is based on an independent modular frame complete with, levelling feet, CPU shelf, hinged rear door, removable front panel and integral cable management.

Kontrol Command gives you the possibility to install all kind of devices inside your console. Standard 19” independent modular bays enables you to allocate PC devices, KVM trays, PDU units or tailored rack frames (up to 10U).

A steel built structure provides console with great robustness. Easy and secure storage space will safely locate all your equipment devices. Additionally, console will count with great stability for the whole HPL (compact laminate made) working surface given its robust structure.

Hinged panels on top of storage space provide an easy access cable management routing. Actually, console design is especifically devoted to integrate different cable routing through the structure, separated by each type.

24/7 Process Control Actvity

Intense usage and 24/7 daily activity entails a set of features for your Control Room Console. Right equipment integration becomes a key factor for the Process Control industry.

For this reason, Kontrol Command easies the integration of monitor screens as per custom requirements: thanks to single and dual monitor arms or additional totems and rails for other screen configurations. Great field of view between operator and monitor screens or further videowalls is completely guaranteed. Thus facilitating information processing.

In addition to this, working surface made of HPL compact laminate counts with highest ergonomic features: 710mm as dedicated working space. HPL compact laminate allows no roughness in surface, as well as avoiding any kind of lightning for operator.

Working surface affords equipment integration on upper surface. Further to this, customised pod compartments located on working surface can be integrated as per personalised configuration. Also, Kontrol Touch units (power outlets) can be deployed near to operator workplace, easing devices connectivity.

Often, Process Control infrastructures imply the joint integratation of consoles with videowall configuration. For this reason, Kontrol Command line takes into account such considerations by adjusting to Human Factors standards for Control Room activity. Likewise, Lund Halsey can provide Videowall monitor stacks or specific solutions to accomodate all kind of Videowalls.

Customer Experience

Customers worldwide have trusted in Lund Halsey Control Room Console solutions. Companies especialised in Energy, Industry, Oil & Gas and Process Control activites have been working with our partner for the supply of specialized technical furniture.

Each Project contains unique requirements in order to achieve highest integration for operator daily work. In effect, Lund Halsey commits to provide you with the right solution for your Control Room.

In short, environments where information processing is a key factor for the right operator work load, Kontrol Command establishes itself as a high-quality solution. Kontrol Command range safely covers screen visualization, free working space, access to connectivity points, all kind equipment integration, among many others.